A new way to stay up to date with the Developer Changelog

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As the number of changelogs across different Atlassian cloud products continues to grow, we're excited to announce that we have added a landing page, the Atlassian Developer Changelog, that consolidates all other Atlassian Developer changelogs and displays changes across multiple products.

What’s new?

Recently changelogs were redesigned to make them more consistent, more reliable, and with additional features such as free-text search and RSS feeds. Based on your feedback, we recognized that we needed to standardize how Atlassian uses changelogs because it's difficult to find, and can be a lot of work to maintain numerous RSS feeds.

The existing changelogs will remain as-is; but while they each only show changes particular to one product, this new changelog page goes across products, giving you the option to customize which updates you’d like to receive and choose which changes are most relevant to you.

Using your input to shape the new experience

We hear you: keeping track of multiple changelogs across the multiple documentation sets on Atlassian Developer is not optimal. Many of you make apps or integrations for multiple products, and want an easy source-of-truth for everything relevant to you.

The Atlassian Developer Changelog will unify API change announcements from all existing changelogs, and is flexible enough to display only what you want to see, no more or less.

What’s next for the Atlassian Developer Changelog

Over the coming quarters, we’ll be working to onboard more Atlassian product and platform teams onto the changelog, with a goal to making it a single-source-of-truth for all technical changes relevant to Atlassian ecosystem developers and partners.

Starting today, the new page is accessible at http://developer.atlassian.com/changelog/ or by clicking the "Changelog" link in the footer of the Atlassian Developer site. Please check out this new changelog and give us feedback on The Atlassian Developer Community so we can continue to improve your experience working with Atlassian.

This program is part of our efforts to improve Partner Sentiment with our Developer and Partner Community. For more details on our efforts on improving Partner Content & Communications, follow our updates here on the Partner Portal.*

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