Advanced search just got easier for Atlassian app developers

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We are excited to share new improvements to advanced search that will allow developers to bring the benefits of the new JQL editor into their Connect and Forge apps. This includes access to syntax building blocks like autocomplete, parsing, and validation to make powerful searches quick and simple.

What's new?

While developers could use JQL in their apps, they did not have access to the same experience that is offered in Jira's advanced search. And now, developers can benefit from the powerful features of Jira's native JQL editor, such as:

  • Autocomplete – Customers can easily find the fields and values from their Jira instance to build queries more effectively.
  • Syntax highlighting – JQL is more readable as different entity types are identified and highlighted as you type.
  • Validation – Descriptive messages for syntax errors are shown instantly, allowing customers to quickly fix mistakes in their query.

One key difference between this component and the JQL editor that is featured within Jira is that within Jira we show user names in place of Atlassian account identifiers. This feature is not currently available in these new Forge and Connect packages.

Early adopters love the new experience

We reached out to a handful of our partners, to help onboard them onto the new component and hear their feedback.

The JQLEditor feels and looks great and from my first two internal test users I’ve gotten fantastic feedback. Awesome! Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Oliver, Co-Founder at Polymetis Apps


Plain text field, No autocomplete or validation.


Rich query editing experience with the new JQL Editor.

Where can I find it?

App developers can refer to the jql-editor-forge and jql-editor-connect packages on NPM. The package README's will provide additional context for how to get started, and we've also provided some basic example apps developers can use for inspiration for Forge and Connect.

What’s next?

These packages are currently in the initial development phase published to the @atlassianlabs scope. Once we've had an opportunity to review ecosystem feedback and adoption we will look to make final revisions to the API and promote a release to the @atlassian scope.

We look forward to seeing all the wonderful experiences our Marketplace Partners can build in their apps using the new JQL editor. For any feedback or issues you'd like to share, please create a new post on the community Ecosystem Design forum.