Announcement: Bitbucket Server 7.0 Early Access Program (EAP) release

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We are pleased to announce the availability of the first Early Access Program (EAP) release of Bitbucket Server 7.0.

This EAP release is so that app vendors and customers who have written in-house apps can update their apps to ensure they will work with the public release of Bitbucket Server 7.0.

A second EAP will be released 1-2 weeks before the release of Bitbucket Server 7.0, so remember to retest your apps one more time on this release.

Bitbucket Server 7.0, due February 2020, is our next platform release and will contain breaking changes.

Important things to note about this EAP release:

  • As development of the release is underway, the specifics of breaking changes will evolve and there may be other minor API changes between this release and the public release of Bitbucket Server 7.0.
  • This release should not be used in production environments. For all production use and testing of Bitbucket Server, please use the latest official release 7 instead.

Download EAP 9

Planned changes

Client-side extensions

The following plugin points on the pull request page are being replaced with a new client-side extensions API. Please note, equivalent named plugin points not on the pull request page will remain unchanged.

  • bitbucket.pull-request.nav
  • bitbucket.pull-request.related-entities
  • bitbucket.pull-request.links
  • bitbucket.pull-request.overview.sections
  • bitbucket.pull-request.activity.diff.toolbar.primary
  • bitbucket.pull-request.activity.diff.toolbar.secondary
  • bitbucket.pull-request.diff.toolbar.primary
  • bitbucket.pull-request.diff.toolbar.secondary
  • bitbucket.comments.actions
  • bitbucket.comments.extra
  • bitbucket.file-content.diff-view.options
  • bitbucket.pullrequest.action
  • bitbucket.commits.extras

Details on how to use the new client-side extensions API on the pull request page can be found in our developer documentation 8.

Extension point discovery mode can be enabled by providing the ?clientside-extensions URL parameter on any pull request page. Once the page is loaded, you'll see the blue, interactive extension points.

You can find out more about these new extension points in our community post.

Other changes

As work for Bitbucket Server 7.0 proceeds, the Bitbucket Server engineering team may discover work needed for other, smaller, breaking changes that have not been planned yet. We will continue to update these release notes to bring you the latest information as work progresses.