Announcement: Changes to Username search term in JQL for Jira Cloud

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In line with our ongoing work to remove usernames in Atlassian Cloud, from October 1st 2020 we will be removing support for searching by usernames in JQL in Jira Cloud.

This means that after that date, if you write a new JQL query that tries to match a user field using that person's username, it will no longer return any results.

This means queries like this will no longer be supported:

assignee = jsmith

After this date, the following ways to find users will continue to be supported:

  • Match exactly by Atlassian Account ID
  • Match on the person's display name*
  • Match on the person's email address*

*These methods depend on whether that person makes that information visible to you, as is currently the case.

We are making this change in line with Atlassian's policy to remove usernames across Atlassian Cloud products, as announced in June 2018 at say goodbye to usernames in atlassian cloud.

You will find that the JQL editor in Jira Cloud no longer writes queries that contain usernames, but if you have existing queries with usernames, those queries will continue to work up until the cutoff date.

Before that date we will be updating queries stored in Jira Cloud that search by usernames to search for the same person using that person's account ID.

If you have JQL stored outside of Jira Cloud that you use to run queries in Jira, you need to make sure that you migrate your queries to perform the same search using account IDs before the cutoff date.

You may find the "pdcleaner" REST API useful in Jira Cloud to help you migrate queries. You can read more about this in Jira Cloud’s REST API documentation.