Announcing the Atlassian platform for developers roadmap

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Being an open company is core to our culture at Atlassian. It’s the value that expresses how we work together, build our products, and partner with others. We’re committed to delivering a great platform and experience for our ecosystem of developers, vendors, and partners. We appreciate that you build tools and entire businesses that rely on the performance and features of the Atlassian platform.

In the spirit of open company and teamwork with our developer, partner, and vendor community, we are happy to announce the release of the Atlassian platform for developers roadmap. Our roadmap shows what we’ve shipped, what we are currently working on, and what we plan to work on. It also shows future initiatives under consideration.

As with any product roadmap, this is subject to change. We will keep this updated so that you have the latest insight into our thinking. So be sure to subscribe to the board to get all the latest changes directly in your inbox.

Questions and comments on the roadmap can be asked in ourĀ Developer Community, your single stop for all ecosystem talk. You can also vote on individual roadmap cards to let us know which product efforts will have the greatest benefit for you. Our product team will be monitoring votes, questions, and comments.

What is the Atlassian platform for developers?

The Atlassian platform for developers covers the capabilities that help our Ecosystem developers, vendors, and partners build apps, list them in the Marketplace, and manage their customers. The four major categories are:

  • Platform: Evolving our capabilities to allow you to more easily build, list and manage your apps for Atlassian products
  • Developer Experience: Delivering a great experience for learning and exploring for both experienced and new ecosystem developers on
  • Customer Success: Providing you with tools and capabilities to enable a great post-sales support experience for your customers.