Announcing our 2022 Developer AMA Series

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The Atlassian Developer Community is made up of people who have many talents: technical skills, business acumen, product specific knowledge, and much more. There's so much we can learn from each other, but we know it can be difficult to grab time with some of our more popular community members. 

Our 2022 Developer AMA series is an opportunity to ask three community members questions so you can learn from them and grow your own skills. Every month in August, September, and October, we'll start a thread in the Community where you can ask a question. Later that week, each AMA host will come back for one hour and answer as many questions as they can. 

Now let's get to know our Developer AMA hosts!

August 10-17, 2022 — Starting and growing your business

Meet Daniel Wester, Co-founder + Co-CEO at 55 Degrees

Daniel Wester is the Co-founder and Co-CEO at 55 Degrees, a company working to develop apps that support Lean and Agile development methods. They are an Atlassian Silver Solution Partner and a Platinum Marketplace Partner.

Daniel  wrote his first Jira app back when Jira 3.3 was all the rage and he was working at Turner Broadcasting Systems (TBS). Since then, he has built two Atlassian Marketplace businesses! At 55 Degrees, he leads the development effort for their industry-leading flow analytics and probabilistic forecasting tool, ActionableAgile. He also manages the development of new products and internal tooling needed to run a business.

During his time in the Atlassian Ecosystem, Daniel built apps for Jira, Bamboo, Bitbucket and Confluence using P2, Connect, and now Forge. Recognized by Atlassian multiple times for his contribution to the developer community, Daniel is deeply engaged in the Atlassian ecosystem and has organized Marketplace Lean Coffees and other get-togethers for the community.

He's also earned badges for visiting the community every day for two years and for getting a high like count on his responses. We all value his feedback and participation, as well as his involvement in helping new Marketplace Partners learn the ropes.

Daniel is a great resource for questions related to starting and growing your business, making your first hire, managing custom apps for internal companies, and building internally/building for Marketplace.

September 1-7, 2022 — The Atlassian Community

Meet Tim Pettersen, Head of Developer Experience at Atlassian

Throughout his career, Tim has interwoven platform engineering, developer advocacy, and evangelism. He's played key roles in developing three generations of Atlassian's server and cloud ecosystem platforms, and worked closely with the over 1,500+ partner organizations and tens of thousands of developers that build kick-ass apps on top of them. He's at his happiest building technical products for a developer audience.

After several years as an Engineering Manager on the Forge team, Tim recently stepped into a new role as Head of Developer Experience at Atlassian. Tim is ready and excited to answer your questions about all things developer ecosystem.

October — Dates and topic to be announced

Appfire team

Appfire was one of the original partners in the Atlassian software ecosystem back in 2005. Now they're a 600+ person company known for apps that help people collaborate on projects, migrate to Atlassian products, better analyze data, and more. 

In October, several founders from Appfire will join us to answer questions about what it takes to be successful in the Marketplace and tips for building and growing a company.

Get started

Now that you've met the hosts, it's time to start drafting your questions! Our first AMA with Daniel Wester is now open, and you can post your questions in the thread between now and August 17. On the 17th, Daniel will sit down to answer the questions submitted by the community.

Don't forget to like questions submitted by other community members – this helps our AMA hosts prioritize the questions with the most interest. 

We're excited to see your questions – and our host's responses!