Announcing the Vendor GUI pack

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Atlassian is proud to announce the release of the Vendor GUI pack, a brand new GUI pack with libraries for Sketch, tailored to the needs of our vendors.

Download the Vendor GUI pack

You can use this pack to quickly mock up your app designs and be better aligned with Atlassian's design language. Everything within the pack has been made according to our current version of the Atlassian Design Guidelines for cloud products. Each component can also be found in Atlaskit, which is our frontend library. So, you'll have no problems converting your designs to code.

What's in the Vendor GUI pack?

In the Vendor GUI pack you'll find over 30 separate libraries for components and patterns tailored to the usage for 3rd party app-vendors.

All of the following components and patterns are in the Vendor GUI pack.

  • Foundations: Color, Depth, Typography

  • Content elements: Avatars, Badges, Dropdown menu, Icons, Lozenges, Mentions, Pagination, Progress tracker, Spinner, Tables, Tags, Tooltips

  • Form elements: Buttons, Checkboxes, Date picker, Inline edit, Quick search, Radio, Range, Selects, Text field, Toggles

  • Messaging: Banners, Flags, Section messages

  • Page structure: Breadcrumbs, Modal, Navigation, Page header, Tabs

  • Patterns: Empty state, Focused task


We hope you find the Vendor GUI pack useful in your design and development work. And we look forward to seeing the things you're able to create with it.

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