REST API changes toward improving user privacy – deprecation notice and migration guides

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Earlier this year, we announced that Atlassian would be implementing a number of changes to our products and APIs in order to improve user privacy in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This included the rolling out of changes to Atlassian Cloud product APIs to consolidate how personal data about Atlassian product users is accessed by API consumers.

Today, we’re publishing details on those changes for both Confluence Cloud and Jira Cloud REST APIs. Migration guides for both Confluence Cloud and Jira Cloud show you how to update your apps and integrations to adopt the privacy-related changes. They describe how the user privacy improvements affect the REST APIs, provide a migration path to the new REST APIs, and list all of the REST API changes.

Deprecation period begins today, ends 29 March 2019

Today also marks the start of the deprecation period for these API changes. During the next six months, the APIs will continue to support, for example, fields like userkey and username alongside the new Atlassian user ID; however, when the deprecation period ends toward the end of March 2019, the APIs will only support the Atlassian user ID in requests and responses.

Need some help? Head for the developer community

We’ve created pinned topics in the Developer Community where you can post questions and read about how other developers are working through the changes. Check out the threads for Confluence Cloud and Jira Cloud.

What about Bitbucket Cloud?

The API change details and migration guide for Bitbucket Cloud will be posted soon. Look out for a future blog post and Developer Community thread in the next several weeks.