Apply for the Stride API early access program

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At Atlassian, our mission is to unleash the potential in every team. Today we announced Stride, the complete communication solution that empowers teams to talk less and do more.

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Our ecosystem team is excited to announce we are also offering developers the opportunity to apply for early access to the Stride API. While the Stride app empowers teams to turn conversations into actions, the Stride API enables you to quickly and easily build apps, bots and integrations that can be used by your teams, or published to the Atlassian Marketplace to make them available to other teams using Stride.

If you are a developer who builds apps for our server products, HipChat Data Center remains our Enterprise team communication product and your apps will continue to be supported via the current HipChat API.

Apps in any conversation

On the new Stride platform, building apps and bots is a snap. Bots are treated just like users, and can be added to any conversations that users select, including private 1-on-1 conversations. Your apps and bots can:

  • Send messages to users via a public or private conversation

  • Watch for specific messages or events using webhooks

  • Chat and interact with users

  • Extend the Stride app with custom UI — to an end user, an app appears as a fully integrated part of Stride

Exciting opportunity

Built for scale, Stride can accommodate all sorts of teams, from small startups to enterprises with over 10,000 users. Stride offers developers unique opportunities to get their apps in front of more users and teams.

Stride features an embedded version of the Atlassian Marketplace, showcasing useful Stride apps built by the developer community. This makes it easy for your apps to be discovered and installed by Stride users. Once an app is installed, a user only needs to @-mention your bot to have it join the conversation, helping your app to get more traction within teams.

Built on our new platform

Today, we’re also excited to announce our new Atlassian API platform. This next generation platform is an evolution of app and API management at Atlassian. For developers, creating and managing apps that work across the suite of Atlassian products will be much easier. For Atlassian, the new platform improves how we publish, manage and secure APIs. Stride is the first Atlassian product API built using the new platform (with more to follow).

You can learn more about the Stride API at, where you’ll find:

  • Reference documentation

  • Tutorials and guides

  • Sample reference app, complete with source code

Interested in early access to the Stride API? Apply for the early access program below.

From bots that become natural extensions to the team, to integrations with other essential apps that teams rely on, we are excited to see what you’ll build with the new Stride API to help teams do more.