Atlas Camp 2019: Vienna – Agenda Unveiled

Atlas Camp 2019
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Atlas Camp, Atlassian's premier developer conference is coming to Vienna, Austria 🇦🇹 on 11-12 September 2019. For many of you that was all that was needed for you to buy your ticket however some of you need a little more convincing.

I am really excited to announce the agenda for Atlas Camp 2019. We'll have 4 tracks of great content from both Atlassians and ecosystem developers. Two general sessions, forty 40-minute talks, twenty 20-minute talks, over 60 Atlassians on-site, hands-on labs, and more. Let's dig into the details.

Not one but TWO general sessions

This year we'll present our traditional keynote talking about all the things Atlassian's ecosystem developers have accomplished, as well as talk about new features that are coming.

In addition, we'll be holding a day 2 general session to go deeper on those new features. From the agenda:

A Special Announcement

Day 2 | 9:00 – 9:50 AM

Join us on Day Two for a very special Atlas Camp exclusive. Join Principal Product Manager Joël Kalmanowicz and Engineering Lead Tim Pettersen for a sneak peek of something new we've been working on.

After the session, Atlas Camp attendees will be invited to take part in a hands-on preview of some new features for our ecosystem developer platform.

You'll definitely want to be in Vienna to experience this!

Amazing session content

We'll have the content that you're looking for in one of these familiar tracks:

  • The Atlassian Platform – Get up to date on APIs, roadmaps, new services, and features that will set your app or service up for success, presented by the Atlassian product teams.
  • Advanced App Development – Explore topics around Data Center/Server, testing, performance tuning, scaling, and building for the Enterprise.
  • Code and Beyond – Transform your team and get tips on Agile, testing, source control, DevOps, marketing, and running a business as an Atlassian vendor.

New this year is the Experience Design track. After a very successful Experience Design focused App Week last year we wanted to bring some of that content to Atlas Camp. We'll have Experience Design talks on Day 1 only.

  • Experience Design – Elevate your app and learn how to maximize experience design to improve user onboarding, increase adoption, and which tools can jump-start your app experience.

In addition to the amazing content already listed, we have a full day 2 of track content that we'll release during the Atlas Camp Keynote. You won't want to miss it.

Session Spotlight

This year’s agenda is jam-packed with great content. Let's look at a few talks that the content committee is particularly excited about.

Preparing for Data Residency and Custom Domains

Nuwan Ginige | Principal Product Manager, Atlassian

Day 1 | 13:00 – 13:40 | The Atlassian Platform

Atlassian customers have long requested the ability to control where they host their content in Atlassian Cloud. They've also long desired the ability to configure their cloud products to be accessible via a custom domain. These features are coming soon to Jira and Confluence Cloud! What will this mean for Marketplace app developers?

Join Nuwan Ginige, Principal Product Manager on the Cloud Platform team, as he walks through how the evolution of Atlassian's cloud platform has shaped the development of these capabilities. Learn how these changes will impact Marketplace apps, and how you can get involved in app vendor early access progress before general availability.

Updates on the Data Center Apps Program

Benjamin Magro | Product Manager, DC Apps, Atlassian

Day 1 | 14:20 – 15:00 | The Atlassian Platform

In this session, Benjamin Magro, Product Manager for Data Center team, will cover updates to the Data Center Apps program that will affect vendors in 2019. This will cover an introduction to our new performance testing framework, changes to the performance testing requirements, as well as additional questions that will form part of the architectural review being added later this year.

Efficient Use of Atlassian Cloud REST APIs

Raimonds Simanovskis | Founder and CEO, eazyBI

Day 1 | 15:30 – 16:10 | Advanced App Development

You've developed a data-intensive app which uses many Jira or Confluence Cloud REST APIs. It worked fast for small test instances, but now your first large customers with large data volumes report your app has become slow for users. You may need to optimize the way you use Atlassian REST APIs.

In this session, Raimonds Simanovskis from eazyBI will discuss how to efficiently use Atlassian REST APIs to minimize the wait time for your users.

He'll present examples of real-life performance improvement use cases, while discussing how to monitor and measure REST API requests, and make fewer requests; when and what to cache; how to use persistent connections; how to use parallel requests and parallel pagination, and handle pagination inconsistencies; how to request only data you need, and expand additional data; how to handle errors and retry requests; using webhooks instead of REST APIs; and how to identify when data has changed.

Integration Testing on Steroids: Run Your Tests on the Real Things

Jörg Brandstätt | Senior Developer, Resolution GmbH

Day 2 | 11:20 – 12:00 | Advanced App Development

At AtlasCamp 2018, Jon Mort and Mark Gibson from Adaptavist gave a presentation about how they brought Arquillian into the Atlassian SDK.

In this talk, Jörg Brandstätt from Resolution will help you to put their learnings into practice and take your tests to the next level. He will also share how Resolution is using this approach to test some of the Top 30 Server & Data Center apps.

The session covers how you can run your test code on remote Server and Data Center instances with different databases ad-hoc from within your IDE and during the build process, and provide detailed information about how to set up Maven to execute your tests within your Bitbucket build pipelines.

Building Apps With Enterprise in Mind

Pawel Wodkowski | Senior UX Designer, Atlassian

Day 1 | 15:30 – 16:10 | Code and Beyond

Designing for the enterprise comes with a unique set of challenges; ensuring readability and accessibility at scale, meeting the needs of multi-layered organizations, and building a trust when your software – used by dozens of thousands of employees – is considered mission-critical.

At Atlassian, we’ve spent countless hours digging deep into our enterprise customer’s needs and we’ve gathered a vast repository of insights.

In this talk, Pawel Wodkowski, a senior designer on Jira Server, will share all that we’ve learned from our research (while not being shy about busting some of those wild admin myths!). You’ll get a crash course in what it means to design for scale the Atlassian way.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Skills and Tools Helpful in Becoming a Support Superhero

Paweł Mazur | Product Manager, Spartez Software sp. z o.o. sp.k.

Maria Heij | Support and Test Manager, Refined

Day 2 | 14:20 – 15:00 | Code and Beyond

“Don’t #@!% the customer” and “Play, as a team” are two Atlassian values that resonate with Support Teams. Support teams’ goal is always to help the customer – but sometimes being passionate is not good enough. They need a superhero’s toolbox to get the job done!

In this session, Paweł Mazur, Product Manager at Spartez, and Maria Heij, Test & Support Manager at Refined, will show how you and your team can build an efficient and rewarding support experience for you and your customers. We’ll cover both the technical tools (like scripting, Docker, browser dev tools, and more!) as well as the team processes which you can use to turn your support team into a team of superheroes.

Nailing Measurement: a Framework for Measuring Metrics that Matter

Josephine Lee | Product Manager, Atlassian

Day 1 | 14:20 – 15:00 | Experience Design

When it comes to designing apps and new features, we just can’t get enough of metrics. In an age where we can collect data from almost anything, how can we cut through the noise and focus on the right metrics to measure the success and failures of the apps that we're building?

Join Atlassian Product Manager Josephine Lee as she delves through what exactly makes a good metric. Throughout the talk, we'll walk through real Atlassian examples of good and bad metrics. By exploring a framework for measurement, we'll cover detailed features that showcase how best to measure and choose the right set of success, supportive, and counter metrics.

You’ll walk away with tips and learnings from Atlassian's approach to measuring success, and learn how to use data and metrics to inspire action in your apps.

It's was really hard picking just a few talks to spotlight this year. They're all fantastic! Go check out the full agenda and let us know in the Developer Community the session you're looking forward to the most.

Network with Atlassians and the Ecosystem

If you've ever been to a developer conference before you know the real value in Atlas Camp is the conversations and relationships built at the event. This year we will have plenty of opportunities to meet others. Breakfasts, happy hour, hallway track, sponsors, informal meeting spaces, and an information booth to help you find the right Atlassian to talk to.

Register today

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