Atlas Camp is back and the agenda is better than ever

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Atlas Camp, Atlassian’s premier developer conference is coming to Barcelona, Spain 🇪🇸 on 6-7 September 2018. For many of you that was all that was needed for you to buy your ticket however some of you need a little more convincing.

I am really excited to announce the agenda for Atlas Camp 2018. We’ll have 3 tracks of great content from both Atlassian’s and Ecosystem developers. 27 40 minute talks, 15 20 minute talks, 9 40 minute open discussion topics, DEVHELP Live (1-on-1’s with Atlassians) and more. Let’s dig in to the details.

Amazing session content

We’ll have content that you’re looking for in one of three tracks:

  • Atlassian Platform for Developers – get up to date on APIs, roadmaps, new services, and features that will set your app or service up for success from our own product teams.

  • Advanced App Development – Collaborate and hear advanced topics around development, Data Center/Server, testing, performance tuning and scaling, and how to use the Marketplace API to inform you business.

  • Beyond the Code – Discover new ways to transform your team. Explore topics areound Agile, testing, source control, DevOps, design, and marketing.

But I hear what you’re saying, “Damn it Ralph, you’ve already told me the track descriptions, I want to know more.

Not Again

Ok, let’s go deeper 😃

Atlassian Platform for Developers

In this track, we’ll have 9 40 minute sessions and 5 20 minute lightning talks. We’ll cover what’s new in products such as:

Additionally, we’ll share information on the Atlassian Document Format now available in Stride and coming soon to other products. We’ll explore AMPS for plugin developers who may be new to the Ecosystem in the past few years. We’ll get a look at the exciting new features of the Atlassian Platform for Developers. We’ll explore what we’re doing to improve the cross-product app experience. And we’ll look at the new world of privacy in an Atlassian Cloud world.

Seriously, I’m excited for this already 🎉. But wait, there’s more! 😮

But wait, there's more.

Advanced App Development

In this track, we aimed to give you the advanced content and take-aways that you’ve always wanted from Atlas Camp 👌🏻. We heard from you loud and clear that you wanted to hear more about testing your app. So we got some testing sessions that share best practices from both Atlassian’s and experienced Ecosystem developers.

Want to know how Atlassian builds and operates their apps? We have two great sessions that dive deeper into our integrations and products that are nothing more than a Atlassian Connect app.

Want to know how Ecosystem developers are building and operating their apps? We have sessions for that as well. Learn how to leverage the Marketplace API to gather key metrics on your app. Learn how to handle a security incident from a developer that went through one. Learn how to develop an app using AWS Lamda and go serverless.

Want to go deeper into some services or frameworks? We’ve got those sessions too. Go deeper into the Connect Frontend Framework to build faster apps. Go deeper to make your Jira Server app fast, performant and high-qualilty. Finally, we’ll go deeper on API Authorization.

This is the best!

I know, right? But there are still 3 more sessions still to be revealed in this track. It’s only going to get better!

Beyond the Code

In this track, we wanted to explore the non-code related aspects of building apps for the Atlassian Ecosystem. Topics like how to choose your path before beginning, design, user experience, user onboarding, writing docs, design feedback, builds and deployments, analytics, privacy, marketing, and running a company. You’ll hear from both Atlassians and successful Ecosystem vendors.

Additionally, we’ll explore other topics like planning to scale your app and microservice architecture with the strangler pattern. Finally we’ll get a sense on what’s on the Atlassian Technology Radar.


This agenda is so packed I can’t imagine what more we could add…

Firepit discussion room

Again, I hear you saying “Damn it Ralph, what’s the Firepit Discussion Room and why does it say NDA required?

Great question, one of the things we hear at App Weeks from developers is that App Week feels like the Atlas Camp of the past when it was smaller and featured great discussions. We wanted to try to bring a little bit of the old camp back. Here’s what we’re doing.

We have a small room that can hold about 30-40 people and in there we’ll have chairs configured in a circle (imagine sitting around the camp fire ⛺️🔥). Instead of a presentation we’ll have a theme to discuss. We’ll be holding 9 themed discussion sessions to have discussions. The descriptions of the themes will be posted to the Atlas Camp site later but the themes are:

  • Building, Deploying, and running Cloud Apps

  • Building, Deploying, and running Server/DC Apps

  • DataCenter Readiness Program

  • How to work with Atlassian (support, feature requests, dealing with changes)

  • Operating your Business

  • Privacy and GDPR

  • Security

  • Testing and Monitoring

  • What I learned at Atlas Camp

There will be Atlassians in the room to help keep the conversation going.

We worked with our external program committe (Daniel Wester and Dan Hardiker) to come up with the themes for discussion. They also suggested that these conversations be covered under the Marketplace Vendor Confidentiality Agreement. This is so that developers and vendors can feel free to speak freely without worrying about what might be still considered confidential. If you don’t have a Marketplace Vendor account you can still participate but we will ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement before entering.

We’re pretty excited about this room and hope that it brings back a small piece of Camp from yesterday.


DEVHELP Live Support (1-on-1 room)

This year we’re integrating our 1-on-1 area with our DEVHELP Support desk. We’ll be sending attendees information on how to sign up for a 1-on-1 appointment with an Atlassian. We’ll ask for some details about the conversation you want to have and ensure we have all the information. Then we’ll schedule you a time during the conference that works for you.

We’ll use the issue created to remind you of your appointment and contact you with any follow up information after the appointment.

Arrive in Barcelona and forgot to make an appointment? No worries come up to the DEVHELP Live table and talk to a Support Engineer who will help you schedule an appointment.

We’re hoping that by integrating with the DEVHELP Support desk you’ll get a better experience with your appointment before, during, and after Atlas Camp.


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