Build a cloud app, take home 95% of the profits for the first year

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Anyone can use our development platform to create custom apps that personalize their experience with Atlassian products. For the entrepreneurial types who want to distribute their apps commercially, we have the Atlassian Marketplace. Marketplace makes merchandising seamless and helps expose your apps to our 160,000+ customers. Hundreds of companies have built successful businesses within our ecosystem.

If you need a little inspiration, consider Alex Medved, founder of Vertuna. I spoke to him recently about his journey to becoming a Marketplace developer. He was working at Skype when he was tasked with building a shopping cart-like experience in Confluence for internal employees to choose their company provided work phones. That assignment gave him an idea for an app: ConfiForms. It was just a side project at first, but after landing a few heavy-hitting customers, he decided to quit Skype to work on it full time. "I really believed in the potential of the Atlassian Marketplace," he said. Now he and two others build and support apps for over 3,000 customers and have earned over $2M in revenue.

If you're new to listing an app on Atlassian Marketplace, here's a quick overview of the financial side of things: Atlassian takes a percentage of the revenue from apps in exchange for providing the e-commerce platform, handling taxes and billing, providing assistance in promoting the apps, and other benefits. Traditionally, this percentage has been 25% for every app listed, regardless of deployment option.

Today, that all changes. For all new cloud apps listed on Atlassian Marketplace after April 1, 2020, we're reducing the revenue take from 25% to 5% for all sales generated in the app's first year. That's right, you now keep 95% of the profits in year one. And no, this is not an April Fools joke! Learn more here.

If you already have cloud apps listed on Atlassian Marketplace, you're in luck too. We're reducing our percentage to 15% for those, also effective starting April 1, 2020. You don't need to do anything to receive your increased share.

With these new financial incentives, now's the time to start innovating on our cloud products while taking home a larger piece of the pie. The 95% revenue share split is the among the most generous in the industry. Maybe you already created something for a hackathon, or you created something to make your personal workflow easier, and just haven't listed it on Atlassian Marketplace yet. If it's working well for you, chances are it will work for others! Who knows, it might turn into something big.