Building momentum through the Stride API

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We opened the Stride API to developers in February and we’re really impressed with all the amazing apps developers are building for Stride. The Stride API makes it easy for teams to build custom apps specifically for their teams. Additionally, we are seeing more and more apps being submitted for approval in the marketplace. We currently have 24 apps available and more on the way.

Our users are installing and using these apps. We’ve seen active installs growth of apps at an average rate of 227% month-over-month.

Developers love the APIs that Stride provides

The Stride API makes it easy to do end-user onboarding of an app with the built-in configuration stateObie used this feature to ensure the app was configured correctly.

“A neat endpoint we use unique to Stride is the built-in configuration status for apps. We make it mandatory for users to complete onboarding/configuration before using Obie. While Obie is awaiting configuration, there is a status indicator beside his app icon in the side toolbar so that the installer is aware that configuration is required before proceeding to use the app fully.” – John Kyeremeh

Screenshot of Obie

Developers at also agree about this feature, “Another power feature that carries over from Hipchat is configurable pages. Atlassian is a product for product builders and it makes sense to blend application developer in one centralized experience.”

Of course Obie and also love the ability to build bots in Stride and being able to build bots that are first class users. “Our favorite addition for Stride is the introduction of Bot users. Unlike in Hipchat, bot users are 1st party members of conversations and teams. This was the most requested feature from Bot developers we work with. 🤖 🎉 –

The ability to extend Stride’s chat UI is one of the more popular features. Drafted uses the ability to create a UI in a Sidebar to allow users to interact directly with Drafted right in chat. Users can see open job positions and submit referrals through a modal dialog without ever leaving the chat window.

Screenshot of Drafted

Drafted brings its interface right into chat through the Glance and Sidebar.

Screenshot of Drafted

Drafted users are able to send referrals on open job positions right in chat with the use of a dialog

A thriving community of developers

Over on the Developer Community there are more and more developers showing up building for Stride. Developers can ask questions and get help on their app. A developer just submitted their app for Marketplace approval and got a lot of help through the forums.

Getting help in the Developer


Developers are even sharing tools and apps back to the community to help others.

Stride message inspector app

A developer built an app to help see the format of a message in its Atlassian Document Format (ADF) and this allowed him to debug his messages easily. Then they shared it with the rest of the Stride developer community ❤️

The app has two integration points: It allows you to display the ADF version of a message via a message action and it can help you set arbitrary ADF messages as your message via an input action.

We use it for debugging ADF documents we generate and parse.

You can install it by adding the following descriptor URL as a Custom App:

Screenshot of the

  message inspector

Screenshot of the

  message inspector

Stride bot using MS Bot Framework

The developers at Yasoon who built the Outlook Calendars for Stride app shared a guide repository on building a Stride bot using Microsoft’s Bot Framework. You can check out the repository which has the code as well as a readme to guide you through it.

Start building your app

What do you think? Think you can build an app that you can use on your team? Want to integrate your product/service with Strides users? Here’s how you can get started:

  • Stride API docs here you can find guides and reference documentation of the Stride API
  • Stride RefApp is a fully functioning app that features all of the API as a reference. The Getting started guide will walk you through getting the RefApp set up
  • Reach out to the Developer Community if you need help building your app. Our community is full of Atlassians and developers who are willing to help you

Happy building!