Announcing Codegeist 2021 Winning Forge Apps

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For this year's competition, we wanted to see what developers around the world can dream and build with Forge, the app development platform enabling developers to easily and securely customize, extend, and integrate with Atlassian cloud products. And as we suspected, your apps did not disappoint.

This year's Codegeist blew me away… we saw an incredible diversity of ideas…

"This year's Codegeist blew me away. From individual developers to larger teams, we saw an incredible diversity of ideas come to the table. I came away from judging truly impressed by the passion and creativity of developers in the Atlassian community.” – Shana Rusonis, Global Ecosystem Marketing Leader and Codegeist 2021 judge

But enough suspense, who created the winning Forge apps? Among this year’s 30 winning app submissions, we have 9 individuals and 21 teams representing 23 countries. Read on to see the winners organized by prize category.

So many entries stood out for their creative solutions to real customer problems. And what's even more impressive, many entries took the additional step of submitting their app to the Marketplace, where users are already putting these solutions to real-world use.

Product design is often a reflection of the business and technology trends shaping the wider world. The results from this hackathon are no exception. This year's themes demonstrated the rise of machine learning, cross-platform collaboration, and the growing need for automation to comply with security requirements. Look for these trends as you browse the project gallery.

  • Unifying information across platforms like payment systems, office planning and talent management tools to reduce context-switching.
  • Leveraging machine learning techniques like image classification, natural language processing, and voice recognition to surface insights and automate tasks.
  • Automating privacy controls, signature requirements, and other checks to ease the burden of compliance requirements.

Prize categories

We created three categories for submissions with a total of 27 winners. We are awarding $80,000 for 9 prizes (Grand Prize, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5 honorable mentions) in each of the following tracks: Apps for DevOps Teams, Apps for IT Teams, and Apps for Business Teams.

The 3 wild card winners ($5,000 each) got the judges’ attention with the quality of their idea or the creativity of their app's implementation with Forge.

Codegeist is also a great place to experiment and have fun. We loved seeing teams’ personalities come through in the submissions, which is why we wanted more ways to recognize the variety of talent. There are 23 bonus prizes totaling $36,000 USD for standout entries in storytelling and Forge feedback.

Codegeist 2021 winners

Congratulations to this year's prize-winning apps and the teams behind them!

:trophy: Grand Prize for the Business Category: Office Manager

Connects workers in hybrid in-office/remote models with the desk that will allow them to do their best work and bond with their teammates, from the tool they’re already using everyday.

:trophy: Grand Prize for the DevOps Category: Diligence Doer

Designed for Data Teams to prevent breaking changes.

:trophy: Grand Prize For the IT Category: Jira Hook Ninja

The all-in-one no-code solution to integrate ANY webhook-supported application into Jira for creating tickets. This is, the first Integration Platform As A Service tailored made for Jira.

:trophy: 2nd Place – DevOps Category: View26 Scrum Manager

Designed for the Scrum Master to improve the daily stand-up experience with intuitive data capture.

:trophy: 2nd Place – IT Category: Intelligent Image Classifier

Allows teams to automatically classify issues using multiple artificial intelligence algorithms. Filter or search for issues based on detected text or content within an image attached to a Jira issue.

:trophy: 2nd Place – Business Category: BYOD

Customizable dashboards for business teams, inside Confluence!

More winners by category

3rd in DevOps
Release Kit

4th in DevOps
One-to-One Analytics

3rd in Business
App Reviews

4th in Business

Honorable Mentions

Wild Cards

Our judges liked these entries for the quality of their idea and for their specific creative use of Forge. These were selected regardless of the category they submitted in and each receives $5,000 USD.

Bonus Prizes

We created two extra opportunities to win cash prizes this year. One for providing quality feedback to Atlassian on the Forge development platform and another for quality content submissions.

Forge Feedback

Aaron MorrisFRGE-439: [Codegeist Feedback] Provide a native usage/metrics tracking framework
Ashwin KumarFRGE-420: Realtime updates for Forge frontend using Storage API pub/sub (Codegeist 2021)
Boris BerenbergFRGE-336: As a forge Dev, I would like timed out functions to support automated retry
Brian Dennis
FRGE-433: Development experience suggestions
Bridget FitzgeraldFRGE-477: Provide guidance on design best practice for using Forge UI Kit
Clément GarinFRGE-376: [Codegeist 2021] Element’s Feedback on Forge
Denny MillerFRGE-394: codegeist2021 Marketplace Partner Feedback based on Requested Server/DC to Cloud Migration
Jonas MoehringerFRGE-370: Forge Codegeist feedback
Julian WolfFRGE-377: Storage API Improvements: Make Forge a solution that enables vendors to solely build their app within Atlassian Cloud
Oliver SiebenmarckFRGE-335: Add the ability to perform an issue update with control over the issue history
Pak Wai ChoongFRGE-367: Extend UI Kit with basic React like functionality
Takafumi OhtakeFRGE-349: Add field configuration or context id to CustomFieldExtensionContext of useProductContext hook
Tobias TheobaldFRGE-474: [Codegeist 2021] Forge feedback & bugs


App ReviewsBuilding robust Forge apps at scale
BugTrap: Error MonitoringBuilding a CRUD application with Forge
BYOD (Build Your Own Dashboard)How we used Forge to build a no-code
dashboard builder for Confluence
Codex for Teams on ConfluenceHow We leverage Forge Technologies to build an amazing (7) Apps in just 3 weeks of the Forge App contest 2021
Comment Translations for JiraState of Forge Report
Community Help for Jira & Confluence CDAC postHow I Accidentally Became a Marketplace Vendor
IssueCollector for Confluence CloudThe Integration Opportunities of Forge
Panda Docs Confluence AppCodegeist 2021 : Building a custom app for Confluence
Patrol for JiraFrom 3 failed apps to a big success in a year
Workspace CleanerHow to speed up your Forge application using Storage API

Congratulations again to all winners. And a special thank you to everyone who entered a project. Your submissions were both educational and entertaining! We look forward to seeing what else you create in the future. And now, this…

What's next for Codegeist apps?
(It's not too late to be a winner)

To all Codegeist participants:

Congratulations on completing and submitting more than 150 Forge apps to Codegeist! Although the hackathon may ended September 13, the journey for your app has only just begun.

When you become a Marketplace Partner, we support you with licensing, pricing and guides, references and resources to get you on your way.

There are thousands of Atlassian customers eager to use your apps to extend their use of Atlassian products, AND you can make money as an added bonus! It's a win-win.

How do you keep going?

Before listing your Forge app on the Marketplace, we encourage you to test your app, prepare branding and marketing materials; think through a plan for how you'll support your customers and a pricing strategy.

If this is your first time going through the process, we break it down step-by-step for you here in our documentation. Once you're ready to go, fill out the submission form for your app to be reviewed and published on the Marketplace.

Our Marketplace support team is here to help answer any questions along the way. Want advice on a specific topic before you list your app? Get in touch with them!

What happens after you submit to be listed?

After you submit your app to be listed on the Marketplace, you should receive a confirmation email congratulating you on your new submission with a link to a ticket. We review apps on a first come, first serve basis and all updates will appear on your ticket so you are able to stay informed. There is also a queue tracker that will roughly let you know your position in line.

For more frequently asked questions on the process that takes place after you submit your app to the Marketplace, see our New Partner FAQ.

What are ways you can stay up to date with new Forge features?

Forge is getting better all the time, and staying on top of the latest updates allows you to turn new Forge capabilities into a better experience for your app's customers. To make sure you don't miss an update, keep an eye on our public-facing roadmap and change log (you can even add it as an RSS feed in Slack!).

Join the ranks of the Marketplace rockstars
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