Codegeist Unleashed 2023 Winners

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In September 2023, we launched Codegeist Unleashed,  Atlassian's annual hackathon that challenged developers to build AI apps to improve their experience, propel collaboration, and enhance data-driven insights. Over 1700 participants across 80+ countries threw their hat in the ring to enter to win $172,500 in prizes and the opportunity to go to Amsterdam for Atlassian Presents: Unleash

Disruption is the foundation of any hackathon and we are blown away by the innovative uses of AI to fuel workplaces by making them more cohesive, productive, and efficient. These submissions have illuminated the brilliance and versatility within the Atlassian Developer Community, and we are so grateful for the time and effort invested into this competition. 

Thanks to all our participants. You can review this project gallery to see all the submissions. With so many worthwhile contributions, you didn't make judging easy, but we have selected our winners. 

Victory awaits

The winners of Codegeist Unleashed 2023 represent the best of the best across every category.

Developer Experience: Enabling more efficient and seamless developer workflows by automating repetitive work and forecasting next actions.  

  1. Ada AI created by Guilherme de Alencar Andraschko and Pettrus Sherlock
  2. Junebug – AI Driven Security for Bitbucket created by Bitan Nath and Swati
  3. TLDR This Issue created by Márton Kelemen, Gábor Kozma, Márk Vágvölgyi, István Nagy, and Tibor Hegyi

Collaboration: Fostering thoughtful and innovative collaboration across individuals, teams, and tools. 

  1. Tably created by Christian Klaussner 
  2. videoloGGy created by George Andrianopoulos and Kakaletsis
  3. Nutshell for Confluence created by Lucas Guimaraes, Cleberson Faccin, and Rodrigo Molinare

Data-Driven Insights: Utilizing data to make predictive recommendations that unearth useful and unexpected insights.

  1. Gomood created by Leo Díaz, Alvaro Aranda, Laura Barreales, and David Gonzalez 
  2. ConnieAI created by Matt Cowan and Oscar Triscon
  3. AI Feedback Analyzer – Smart Insights for Smart Decisions created by Krystian Chmielowski, Krystian Kaczorowski, Mateusz Włoczewski, Agata Grzelczak, Piotr Śmiałek, Natalia Tostanovska, Konrad Stasiuk, and Tomasz Pośpiech

Responsible AI: Projects that demonstrate responsible implementation of AI, with particular emphasis on preserving privacy, using AI transparently, creating experiences that inspire trust and adherence to security best practices. 

Storytelling: Participants that share their story of building with the Forge platform.

Best of Region: Celebrating best in class submissions from different regions around the globe: The Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Middle East/Africa. 

Atlassian Presents: Unleashed Stage Show Winners

The first place winners in each of the main categories- Apps for Developer Experience, Collaboration, & Data Driven Insights- went on to compete live at Atlassian Presents: Unleash! Shoutout to the 3 finalists who took the stage and demoed their AI apps in front of an audience of customers, partners and Atlassians. You could feel the energy in the room grow as the audience chose their top app. Congratulations to the Codegeist Unleashed Stage Show winner, GoMood! Huge kudos to the team at Deiser who brought GoMood to life. We can’t wait to see what comes next for GoMood & the Deiser team.

What's next for Codegeist apps?

Although the hackathon has concluded, this could be just the beginning for your app. 

When you list your Forge app to become a Marketplace Partner, we support you with licensing, pricing and guides, references and resources to set you up for success. 

We believe in your app and so will thousands of our Atlassian customers. 

Before listing your Forge app on the Marketplace:

  • Test your app 
  • Prepare marketing materials
  • Put together a pricing and customer support strategy 

List your app

  • Fill out the submission form for your app to be reviewed and published on the Marketplace.
  • Our Marketplace support team is here to help answer any questions along the way. Want advice on a specific topic before you list your app? Get in touch with them!

What happens after you submit to be listed?

After you submit your app, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to a ticket. We review apps on a first come, first serve basis and all updates will appear on your ticket so you can stay informed throughout the process. Our queue tracker will also help estimate the timeframe.

If you have additional questions our New Partner FAQ is a helpful resource.