Forge the future of AI – Codegeist Unleashed 2023 is live!

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Gear up for Codegeist Unleashed – an exciting twist on Atlassian's annual hackathon. This year, developers get a shot at winning cash prizes PLUS the chance to compete live in Amsterdam at Atlassian Presents: Unleash and show off their AI building skills. 

First place winners in each category will have the unique opportunity to live demo their app in front of Atlassian customers, rub elbows with the Atlassian team and take home an additional cash prize! Get ready to learn new skills on Atlassian’s Forge platform and fuel the future of the workplace with AI.

Why Join?

It's no secret that AI is shaping the world around us like never before. Advances in generative AI are making their way into Atlassian products, and this is an exciting time for app developers to get in on the cutting edge. Using the Atlassian Forge platform and the AI tools of your choice, you'll have the chance to grow your skills while bringing powerful solutions to Atlassian customers with AI-driven apps. 

Need more reasons to enter? Codegeist Unleashed attracts a global developer community of like-minded individuals, all making strides in the spirit of friendly competition. Join the community and make new connections.

Last but certainly not least – You'll also have the chance to compete for $172,500 in prizes and trips to Amsterdam for the top 3 winners.

Get Started

Follow these steps to sign up and start building your prize-winning app.

  1. Register for the hackathon
  2. Set up your Forge account
  3. Learn about AI tools you could use for your project
  4. Learn about the Forge platform
  5. Start Brainstorming

We can't wait to see what you build! 

Submission PeriodSeptember 5 at 10:00am EDTOctober 24  at 11:45pm EDT
JudgingOctober 27 at 10:00am ESTNovember 13 at 5:00pm EST
Winners AnnouncedNovember 15 at 2:00pm EST


What to Build

Build an AI app using Atlassian's Forge platform in one of the following categories:

  • AI Apps for Developer Experience
    Enable more efficient and seamless developer workflows by automating repetitive work and forecasting next actions. 
  • AI Apps for Collaboration
    Foster thoughtful and innovative collaboration across individuals, teams, and tools. 
  • AI Apps for Data-Driven Insights
    Utilize data to make predictive recommendations that unearth useful and unexpected insights.

­čĺ░Bonus Prizes

  • 5 Responsible AI Prizes. $2,500 to 5 projects that demonstrate responsible implementation of AI, with particular emphasis on preserving privacy, using AI transparently, creating experiences that inspire trust and adherence to security best practices. 
  • 5 Most Valuable Storytelling Prizes. $1,000 USD to 5 participants that share their story of building with the Forge platform. 
  • 4 Regional Prizes. $2,500 to 4 eligible submissions from different regions around the globe: The Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Middle East/Africa. 

What is an AI App?

  • Submissions must use a trained machine learning model as a major component that performs the app's core functionality. See examples here.
  • The model can be a preexisting model such as ChatGPT, Cohere, or Anthropic, or the submission can build a custom model using technologies such as scikit-learn, PyTorch, TensorFlow, AWS, GCP, or Azure.
  • Submissions must use Atlassian's REST and GraphQL APIs to interact with user data in the users Atlassian tools.
What to Submit

Access. Provide access to an installation link for the judges and review team to test your application. To create an installation link, follow the instructions to Start sharing your app.

Demo Video. Include a video (under 5 minutes) that demonstrates your submission. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, and made public.

Category. Identify which category and bonus prizes you are entering. Provide any necessary materials for the bonus prizes (ex. Storytelling submission and Responsible AI ).

Presentation. Prepare for the possibility of coming to Amsterdam for an in-person Finalist Presentation on December 11-12. Within your Devpost submission, upload your team's headshots and slide deck. Slide decks should use Google slides and explain the app in detail. Specifically, explain how the app makes use of AI and Atlassian's Forge in interesting ways.

Submit. Before the deadline, complete the entire submission form on Devpost.

Who Should Participate?

Whether you're considering joining as a solo developer or assembling a team – consider this your formal invite. Still not sure if this is the right hackathon for you?

It takes all types of skill sets to build a successful app:  

  • Developers
  • Startup founders or entrepreneurs
  • Designers
  • Students (high school to postgraduate)
  • Project Managers 
  • Systems analyst
  • Business analyst
  • Jira and Confluence experts


$172,500 in prizes
First Place (3) $20,000 in USDTickets for up to 2 Individuals to Atlassian presents: Unleash event, airfare, and hotels covered by Atlassian (up to a maximum value of $12,000 USD for flights each way). Travel to Amsterdam is required. If you are unable to attend, a runner-up will be selected as described below.*Meeting with Atlassian developers (virtual)Atlassian blog post featuring winner* See rules for detailsSecond Place (3)$15,000 in USDAtlassian blog post featuring winner
Third Place (3) $10,000 in USDAtlassian blog post featuring winnerBonus Prize | Regional Winner (4)$2,500 in USD1 per Geographical Region
Bonus Prize | Responsible AI (5)$2,500 in USDBonus Prize | Most Valuable Storytelling (5)$1,000 in USD
Participation Prize Atlassian Developer Swag PackAwarded on a first-come, first-serve basis to Entrants of Eligible Submissions, including participating members of a Team or Organization, while supplies last (max 4 per Submission)Stage Prize $10,000 USD Tickets for up to 2 individuals to the TEAM 24 event taking place in the United States, as well airfare expenses, and lodging in hotels covered by Atlassian.  Atlassian will only cover travel expenses up to a maximum value of $7,500 USD for the 2 individuals traveling to TEAM 24. *See rules for details

Judging Criteria:

Quality of the Idea
Creativity and originality of the idea.

Implementation of the Idea

How well the idea was executed by the developer.

Potential Impact
The extent to which the solution can help the most Atlassian users.

Have more questions?

Read the official rules here. Check out some helpful resources here

Be sure to bookmark the Atlassian Developer Community and join us in the Forge category Create a topic using the tag #codegeistunleashed, and ask your question.

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