Ecosystem Roundup – GDPR Weekly updates, Jira Cloud change notice, JSD Server Action required and more

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In this post, we roundup all recent Ecosystem news.

We’ve started doing weekly updates on the work being done for API’s needed for the API Migration to accountID from username and user key which is being deprecated on 29 April 2019.

In addition, we’ve posted a couple of other guidelines that are relevant to GDPR:

  1. Guidelines for requesting access to email address
  2. Guidelines for Testing Profile Visibility Controls

Jira Cloud change notice – GET search optimized for fields id and key

We are in the process of optimizing GET /rest/api/2/search in Jira Cloud so that it returns the highest achievable number of entries per page based on the fields requested.

Read the notice for more about this change.

Action required for Jira Service Desk Server vendors: upcoming customer portal changes may impact apps

In Jira Service Desk Server 4.1, we're making some look and feel changes to the help center and customer portal. This is the first round of improvements aimed at making the customer experience both simple and polished.

In order to do this, we've had to make some changes to the frontend codebase, and this may impact third-party apps.

Learn more about these changes.

Confluence Cloud is refreshing the navigation

Confluence Cloud is refreshing the navigation. There are a few potential issues that could impact developers.

  1. A new global navigation will no longer allow other icons to be added.
  2. The global navigation is using new DOM ID’s in the HTML.
  3. The new navigation has less granular support for custom theming.

Read more about the navigation refresh over on the Atlassian Community.

Ecosystem Events Roadmap 2019

Take a look at when and where we are planning events this year.

Learn more and save the dates

New guide in the Jira Cloud docs for Jira expressions

Jira expressions can be used to evaluate custom code in the context of Jira entities. It's a domain-specific language designed with Jira in mind, evaluated on the Jira Cloud side.

Check out the new docs and learn more about Jira expressions.

Product releases

Ecosystem Developer Help

As always, if you are seeking help in building your apps there are three avenues available to you.

If you seek help, mentoring, or support in building your app please head over to the Atlassian Developer Community where over 6500 developers and over 750 Atlassians are available to help out.

If you found a bug, want to raise a feature request, or report an app security incident with any of our APIs, SDKs, or app frameworks please open an issue over at the Atlassian Ecosystem Developer Service Desk.

Need Marketplace Vendor support, head over to the Atlassian Ecosystem Marketplace Vendor Support Desk.