Ecosystem Roundup – Bitbucket Server design changes, Survey results, Holiday presents and more

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In this post, we roundup all recent Ecosystem news.

COMING SOON: Updated look and feel for Bitbucket Server

We're bringing a refreshed look and feel to many of our Server and Data Center products, and Bitbucket is following closely in Confluence’s footsteps. This work is based on the new Atlassian design and will include things like the updated color palette, typography and icons. We are not currently working on any significant changes to navigation that you may have seen in our Cloud products. Find out more about the changes on the Developer Community.

Bitbucket Server redesign

Here’s what we learned from the Developer Communications survey

Last month we ran a survey to learn how we could do better at Developer Communications. We had 35 responses and we learned a lot about what you’re looking for. Here’s the top 3 things we heard:

  1. Public Releases – inform developers so they know when a release is coming. We’re currently working on getting the product teams to release that information earlier. In the meantime we’ve started to announce when any release is made in the developer community (typically the same day). If you miss one of those posts you can catch up in the Ecosystem Roundup posts as we’ll post all the product releases that happened (see below).
  2. Cloud Changes – inform developers what’s changed in cloud. We’re currently working with the various development teams to work on ways we can inform you of changes that might be relevant.
  3. Inconsistent communication – Communications are inconsistent across products. We’re working to standardize where we communicate. We’ll always post developer communications on the developer blog (you may have noticed the increased cadence as of late) and we’ll cross post to the developer community and the @atlassiandev twitter account and point back to the blog post to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to fill out the survey.

Our present to you: Developer Community Badges

Our developer community is going strong (we now have over 2700 members) and has some amazing content, created by all of you.

As a surprise, we want to give you an early holiday present, a way to show off your contributions and expertise in our community. Badges!

Developer Community Badges

Recent Product Releases

We recently saw the release of a few server releases:

In addition to product releases there was a release to AMPS:

Ecosystem Developer Help

As always, if you are seeking help in building your apps there are three avenues available to you.

If you seek help, mentoring, or support in building your app please head over to the Atlassian Developer Community where over 2600 developers and over 350 Atlassians are available to help out.

If you found a bug, want to raise a feature request, or report an app security incident with any of our APIs, SDKs, or app frameworks please open an issue over at the Atlassian Ecosystem Developer Service Desk.

Need help with your Marketplace listing, head over to theĀ Atlassian Ecosystem Marketplace Vendor Support Desk.

Happy Holidays!!

Many of us at Atlassian will be out next week. Let us know what you’re doing next week.