Ecosystem Roundup – 3LO support in Confluence Cloud, CDN support in Bitbucket Data Center and much more

Ecosystem Roundup
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In this post, we round up all recent Ecosystem news.

Confluence Cloud now supports 3-legged Auth (3LO)

We are happy to announce that Confluence Cloud now supports 3LO (3-legged auth or OAuth 2.0). With this, developers can now allow external applications and services to access Confluence APIs on a user's behalf. For example, if a user has granted a Gmail app access to Confluence Cloud, via OAuth 2.0 (3LO), then that app can interact with Confluence content (for example; pages, blog posts, comments, etc.). This provides the user the power to have more fine-grained controls on what the app can access from Confluence. Please find more information here.

Check out the Confluence Cloud 3LO announcement on the Developer Community.

CDN support is coming to Bitbucket Data Center

Bitbucket Data Center will soon have the ability to serve static assets from a CDN. This includes static resources that are served by plugins. Most Atlassian applications have moved to stateless delivery of JavaScript and CSS resources. Apps that don’t use the new APIs for web-resource transforms and conditions may cause static assets to be cached incorrectly.

See Stateless web-resource transforms and conditions to make sure your app is using the new APIs for web-resource transforms and conditions.

You can also use the following endpoint to list incompatible plugins:

Jira Server 8.4 import data migration in CSV and JSON only

As of Jira 8.4, when you import your data from an external issue tracker to Jira, you can do so in the CSV or JSON file formats only. We have deprecated all product-specific importers, so you cannot use them anymore. Concentrating on CSV and JSON will give us enough bandwidth to improve these two most frequently used importers.

Head over to the Developer Community for more information.

Confluence Server 7.0 developer guide

As we were about to release Confluence 7.0, we thought it would be a good time to share what goes on behind the scenes as a complement to all the information already available to you at Preparing for Confluence 7.0.

So here are a set of routine updates and best practices our teams follow in order to maintain and nurture our code-base.

Head on over to the Developer Community to take a look at all the details.

Nominations are open for the FY19 Marketplace Vendor Awards

Every year, at Atlassian Summit, Atlassian recognizes Marketplace Vendors for their accomplishments. This year we have 6 awards including a new award to recognize developers that go above and beyond in support of the community.

Head over to the Developer Community to learn more about the awards and to nominate a developer contributor in one of the 6 awards.

Recent product updates

Seeking help

As always, if you are seeking help in building your apps there are three avenues available to you.

If you seek help, mentoring, or support in building your app please head over to the Atlassian Developer Community where over 8000 developers and over 900 Atlassians are available to help out.

Need Marketplace Vendor support, head over to the Atlassian Ecosystem Marketplace Vendor Support Desk.