Get ready to grow: Explore a world of possibility in the Atlassian Ecosystem

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As an Atlassian Marketplace Partner, you're committed to developing apps that add value for customers. From testing tools to integration management, your contributions help over 200,000 Atlassian customers around the world accomplish great things every day.

Maybe you've dipped your toes into the larger Atlassian Ecosystem by participating in our developer community or building an app on Forge. What you might not know is that there's a whole world of programs out there that can help you innovate via access to new tools, events and communities.

Whether you're actively growing your business or looking around for your next opportunity, you don't have to develop in a bubble. The ecosystem can help you collaborate, increase your user base, and understand the latest Atlassian tools and features.

Take a tour of the Atlassian Ecosystem

When Mike Cannon-Brookes co-founded Atlassian, he wanted to create a great product with a convenient e-commerce experience that made it easy for customers to customize their workspace to their unique needs. As Atlassian employees work on the core platform, our partners are working hard to develop applications that extend its capabilities. That's why the ecosystem is so broad, and includes everything you need to create a standout experience for our customers.

Our ecosystem consists of several important parts: our customers, our builders, and our partners and vendors, including Marketplace Partners, Solution Partners, Platform Partners, and Global Alliance partners. Everyone works together, collaborating and encouraging each other to create products that customers want to use, implement those products, and innovate on new products that fill customer needs.

With such a big ecosystem, we know that it can be a bit overwhelming to understand what's out there to help you develop great apps. As such, we've pulled together a list of five parts of the ecosystem that can help you tap into new investment opportunities, grow your business, and produce innovative new applications.

The Marketplace Partner Program

There's nothing more important to our ecosystem than the security of our platform and, by association, the applications developed by our marketplace partners. Our Marketplace Partner Program recognizes and invests in partners developing cloud and data center applications that use enhanced security practices.

Each of the three levels (Platinum, Gold, and Silver) indicates a Partner’s investment in the Atlassian platform and level of alignment with our strategy. Partners are eligible to participate when they provide key benefits to customers, such as quality support and participation in our Bug Bounty program, and achieve certain sales metrics.  

In turn, Atlassian invests in Partner Program participants by providing support to drive even greater growth. We offer access to our Partner Portal, special co-marketing opportunities, a badge to your marketplace listings to show customers what you've achieved, credits for Atlassian apps and products, access to free tools, and more.  
We know it's a big investment to make the move to cloud with us. That's why we want to take the journey together. For more information on the program's requirements and objectives, take a look at our documentation – and, when you're ready to get involved, connect with us!

Atlassian Ventures

Having an ecosystem of innovative partners is critical to building an unparalleled platform. But we also know starting – or growing – your business is no easy task. 

That's why we created Atlassian Ventures, a $50m fund dedicated to investing in early stage startups building apps for any of our platforms, established Partners scaling their business, and members of our Partner Program looking to augment or create new products. Participants in Atlassian Ventures benefit by having access to dedicated Atlassian mentors, plus global exposure during Atlassian events to connect you with millions of customers worldwide.

Partnering with Atlassian Ventures has given us access to business expertise and global reach that we wouldn't have thought possible at this stage in our growth. Atlassian Ventures' investment has allowed us to strengthen alignment with Atlassian product teams and to accelerate product integrations and joint go-to-market opportunities.

Brian Bell, CEO at

Many companies we know and love – including Zoom, Slack, and – have received funding from Atlassian Ventures. We accept applications on a rolling basis, so whenever you're ready to apply, we're ready to hear your ideas.

Events for Partners and Developers

It's more fun to create, connect, and innovate as part of a community. Atlassian hosts a number of events throughout the year that offer an opportunity to learn more about the Ecosystem, from Atlas Camp to Developer Day and more.

Although we had to pause Atlas Camp in 2020, we're eager to get back to hosting our top developer conference. During the week, attendees have the opportunity to explore multiple tracks of content to learn about the Atlassian platform, including the latest on APIs, roadmaps, and new services, as well as advanced app development. In 2019 we also created a special experience design track with content on improving user onboarding and increasing adoption – all key things to help you grow your app.

Developer Day offers developers, admins, Marketplace Partners, and anyone interested in the Atlassian Ecosystem an opportunity to take a deep dive into specific topics of interest. Atlassian also hosts community events throughout the year where partners can come together to network, share ideas, and get expert advice. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.

Partner Marketing and Co-Marketing Opportunities

Atlassian's Forge cloud platform provides an amazing opportunity to create enterprise ready applications. But creating an app is only half of the equation. Many small teams struggle with marketing and promotion, feeling that they're at a disadvantage compared to the bigger players.

Atlassian is proud to offer both Partner Marketing and Co-marketing opportunities so you can grow your app after it goes live. Partner Marketing provides you with resources to help you reach your goals, including a collection of tips in our Partner Portal about attracting new customers, running marketing campaigns, and branding guidelines.

Co-marketing involves partners accessing Atlassian channels to help with marketing, including submitting customer case studies to be featured on the Atlassian website, getting events featured on the Atlassian Partner Events page, and more. All of this exposure is great for growing your app, and can work in tandem with your existing marketing and growth strategies.

Solutions Partner Network

Marketplace partners aren't the only third parties that work closely with Atlassian to service customers. Solutions partners – Atlassian advisors, consultants, trainers and thought leaders – provide valuable consulting, sales, and technical services that help customers deliver and implement solutions.

These experts represent a sizable growth channel for third party developers. Solutions Partners are aware of what our customers need to release their full potential, which means they have valuable insight into what our customers want and need. They can also recommend your app and products to their customers, which could make them an important part of your marketing approach. If you want to connect with Solutions Partners, one great way to do so is through our Partner events.

In Summary

These five elements of the Atlassian Ecosystem help elevate you to become part of something bigger, and we hope that you jump in to take advantage of some (or all) of these opportunities. By joining our Partner Program, you can continue to grow your presence on the Marketplace with the support of all of us at Atlassian along the way. We encourage you to explore the possibilities right at your fingertips when you become a partner today.