Getting Git Right Hangout – December 9th

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We’ve just completed another round of the Getting Git Right tour, spreading the love about the hottest DVCS across ten cities in North America and Europe. To cap off the tour, the presenters are getting together for a special Google Hangout to talk about developer workflow and the latest happenings in the world of Git.

Topics to be discussed are:

There’ll be plenty of time for questions from the audience, so please join us on December 9th with your Git gripes (or good words), workflow woes, and anything else you’d like to hear from Atlassian’s Git experts: @durdn, @tarkasteve, @devpartisan, @GraceFr, and myself (@kannonboy). Feel free to post questions in advance on our Google+ page.

If you couldn’t come along to the Getting Git Right tour, we’ve posted a recording of the Seattle event on YouTube. Enjoy!