Happy Gitiversary Junio

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As Linus Torvalds has already pointed out, the 8th of July 2015 is the 10-year anniversary of Junio C. Hamano taking on maintenance of Git. And here at Atlassian we appreciate the excellent work he’s done over that time.

For the last 10 years Junio has been nothing but an exemplary project maintainer, taking Git from a niche tool for the Linux kernel to being the industry-transforming platform it is now. Happy Gitiversary Junio, and here’s to many more years of maintainership from you!

Update: As Junio himself has pointed out, didn’t actually take over the maintainership of Git until the 27th. However here at Atlassian we consider Linus’ excellent choice of successor to be worthy of celebration in itself and we’re happy to have two celebrations. 😉