Java 11 official support is just around the corner

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In Jira 8.2 we are planning to officially announce the support for Java 11. It means that you can run Jira on OpenJDK 11or Oracle JDK 11 and request our support should any issues arise. At the same time we'll continue supporting Java 8 for Jira 7.x and throughout Jira 8.x lifetime.

What are we supporting exactly?

In addition to OpenJDK 8 and OracleJDK 8, we will officially support running Jira on OpenJDK 11 and Oracle JDK 11. However, we still encourage the plugins to be developed using Java 8 to ensure Java 8 compatibility and tested on both Java 8 and Java 11. Also the installers will still have AdoptOpenJDK 8 bundled with them for the 8.2 release.

What about other JDK’s?

Currently, we do support other OpenJDK's however we do not test our products with them. Apart from supporting Oracle JDK, we test and bundle most of our products with HotSpot distribution of AdoptOpenJDK. It also means that our Support team uses AdoptOpenJDK to replicate issues that have been raised using OpenJDK. If you use a different distribution of OpenJDK (e.g. Zulu) we'll still provide support for our products. However, if the reported bug is caused by a problem in Java distribution we'll ask you to reach out to the Java distributor for help.

When will the official support start?

We are planning to release Jira 8.2 in late Q2 2019. The same goes for Jira Service Desk 4.2 that will also officially support Java 11. For more details see this blogpost.


The Jira team