Atlassian announces Jira Ops and intent to acquire OpsGenie

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Jira Ops and OpsGenie

Today Atlassian announced two significant moves we’ve made to help companies resolve incidents faster and incur fewer incidents over time.

First, we’ve entered into an agreement to acquire OpsGenie, a leader in incident alerting. OpsGenie helps over 3000 customers including The Washington Post, Air Canada, and Overstock manage their on-call schedule and notify the right people as soon as an incident occurs. Second, we’re launching a new product called Jira Ops to serve as a central incident command center, giving response teams one place to coordinate their response during a major incident.

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What does this mean for existing app vendors who have incident alerting apps on the Atlassian Marketplace? For strategic partners where there might be competitive overlap?

We will continue to work with existing app vendors and partners who have published apps in this space. We value your partnership and together we'll pursue our goal to serve IT teams globally. This will mean additional opportunities to build apps that fit into the modern IT puzzle, along with consulting, integration, and staff augmentation opportunities.

We will continue to work with new partners who want to list their incident-alerting apps on our marketplace. We have a long history of collaborating with partners where one or more of our products overlaps with their offerings.

We're committed to giving our customers a variety of options, so that they can choose the solutions that best fit the needs of their modern IT teams.

Additional information

Jira Ops

Jira Ops is now available through our early access program. Get early access to Jira Ops now by setting up and account at

We’ll have more information about Jira Ops available once we announce pricing and make it available for sale (aiming for a paid 1.0 version in early 2019).

We’ll also be hosting a live AMA on the Atlassian Community on September 5th from 10am to 11am PDT. Matt Ryall, Jira Ops Product Manager, will be taking questions on all-things Jira Ops and incident management. You can head over to start asking and up-voting questions now, then tune in for the live session on September 5th at 10am PDT. We hope to chat with you more there!


Until the acquisition is fully closed, Atlassian and OpsGenie will continue to operate as separate and independent companies. Once the acquisition is final we will share more information with Atlassian Partners on plans to integrate OpsGenie into our business along with timelines and specifics for running evaluations, quoting and transacting, Enablement Academy training, product benefits for Partners and much more. We know this is exciting news, so please be patient while we close out the acquisition.

We look forward to working with the OpsGenie team to offer you the best incident response solution on the market and unleash more of your customers’ potential. Together, OpsGenie, Jira Ops, and Statuspage are a compelling incident management solution for Atlassian partners to take to market upon deal close. These tools may unlock new opportunities within your customers’ IT teams and will help your customers respond and resolve incidents faster.