Jira 8.0 has a Release Candidate!

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Please join me in welcoming the long-awaited Jira 8.0 Release Candidate!

Read all about it

This Release Candidate is the final step before the actual release of Jira 8.0, which is just round the corner and due around Feb 4th-8th.

The details

The Release Candidate mostly incorporates the feedback we've received after the beta. We've also performed several tests and upped the heap requirement for Jira 8.0 to 2GB. You can read more about it in Preparing for Jira 8.0.

If nothing unexpected comes up, we are going to use this Release Candidate's build for the final GA.

Download the Release Candidate to see it in action. If you're downloading mavens from maven.atlassian.com, download maven 8.0.0-m0033.

For the list of features expected in Jira 8.0, see the Release notes.

Should you have any comments, voice them here.


The Jira Server team