EAP milestone 04 for Jira Server 8.0 has just arrived!

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…and is ready for action!

You can test further Lucene improvements, upgraded Apache Tomcat, and jQuery version 2.2.4, to name just a few breaking changes. You can also enjoy the new look and feel of the Scrum/Kanban boards and backlogs. Make sure you read our Preparing for Jira 8.0 notes because the Apache Tomcat upgrade might require an action on your side. You can download this EAP here. If you use the maven.atlassian.com site, get milestone 8.0.0-m0012.

More breaking changes?

The good news is, we are nearly done! You can still expect some changes related to the Java upgrade in the next EAP milestone, but that’s mostly it!

Got feedback?

Did you like the milestone or want to suggest an improvement? Leave us a comment on the developer community.

What’s the scope?

If you want to review the full set of changes for Jira 8.0, refer to the Jira 8.0 announcement.


The Jira team