No trick just treat – EAP 07 with the last planned breaking changes

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A for Awesome EAP

The last in the row of Jira 8.0 EAPs, EAP milestone 07 contains all planned breaking changes for Jira 8.0. This includes some new changes like a batch of platform upgrades, new Fugue, and upgraded Guava. With this EAP milestone, you’re also getting a new cool feature to batch email notifications. It reduces the number of emails you receive when issues are being updated. To make your testing as easy as a pumpkin pie, we have listed all the changes in our thrilling Preparing for Jira 8.0. Make sure you read it before you download this EAP. If you use the site to download your milestones, make sure you get milestone 8.0.0-m0021.

B for Beta…

Yes, Beta is next in line. Feature-wise, it will be close to what we want to ship as Jira 8.0. However, if internal or vendor feedback brings it home to us that some more changes are required (and yes, these can be breaking changes), they will be introduced in the upcoming beta.

C for Comments…

Your feedback is super important. Post any comments you might have here and we’ll be on them shortly.


The Jira Server team