Final touches before the Beta – Jira 8.0 EAP 08 … and some GA news

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Important note (26/11/2018)

Due to an unexpected issue with EAP 08, we've released a new version – 8.0.0-EAP08-fixed.

Make sure you download this version of the EAP milestone .

If you use, download maven 8.0.0-m0025.

Sometimes it pays to wait for a good thing. To have a spotless beta, we've decided to ship EAP 08 with some remaining upgrades and fixes. But fear not – this time the milestone does not contain any breaking changes.

What's inside?

We've upgraded several Jira platform components and enabled the option to postpone the mandatory reindexing. Read all about it in the Preparing for Jira 8.0 notes.

Where is it?

You can download the EAP milestone here. If you're using, make sure to get maven 8.0.0-m0024.

What's next?

We're nearly done wrapping the Beta for you, so you can expect it within the next 3 weeks. Feature-wise, Beta will be close to what we want to ship as Jira 8.0.

When's the GA?

We've made updates to our plans and decided for the GA to happen towards the end of January 2019. This will give you enough time to prepare for the change and still enjoy the new year break.

Should you have any comments, you can post them here and we’ll be on them shortly.


The Jira Server team