Announcing new APIs for Portfolio for Jira Server

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The Portfolio for Jira team is proud to announce not just one but two APIs for our Server version.

Our new REST and a Java API together solve two of our most voted and watched issues: JPOSERVER-438 and JPOSERVER-1814. (236 votes)

You now have access to all the teams, people, and their skills inside of Portfolio for JIRA.

All through the Portfolio Team Management REST APIs, the Portfolio Live Plans REST APIs or the Portfolio Java API.

Using this new found power

Here are some ideas we came up with, but we’re sure you can think of some more:

  • Integrations with popular HR systems, providing faster follow up on team changes, time off, public holidays, and other relevant employee data.

Thus, making users feel confident about their road maps and forecasts.

  • Improve reporting on top of Portfolio for Jira by:
    • pulling out team details
    • drilling down into team performance
    • seeing which skills you need and are currently lacking
    • seeing how planned and unplanned absences impact future timelines

Thus, enhancing the reports and providing everybody a better understanding of the challenges they are facing.

Check out the documentation here: Integrating with Portfolio for Jira

Just the beginning

Let us know what other APIs may be helpful, and we'll consider adding them in.

Ask questions and leave feedback on the developer community