Partner preview: a new Privacy & Security Tab is coming to the Marketplace

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This quarter, we are planning to add a new Privacy & Security tab to Marketplace cloud app listings. This new tab will provide important details about cloud app security and privacy all in one place, helping customers with security and compliance requirements assess apps during the procurement process.

As of today, you can start preparing responses for your app listings using the questions documented here.

Why are we adding a Privacy & Security tab?

Assessing app security and privacy is a key step in the Marketplace app procurement process for many Atlassian cloud customers and migrating customers. But for many customers, finding the information they need to install an app is a challenge that takes time and can be a hinderance to buying apps in cloud.

We've also heard from Marketplace Partners that it's challenging to get privacy and security details in front of customers at the right time in the sales cycle. You've let us know that you are spending increasing amounts of time responding to security questionnaires, in some cases answering questions that don't even apply based on how your app is built.

While the new UI will not replace customers’ privacy and security questionnaires altogether, it will lay a foundation of transparency for our shared customers that will make it easier for them to assess and ultimately install cloud apps.

We expect the tab to ease the burden of app security and privacy assessment for customers and Marketplace Partners alike by providing the following benefits:

  • Our customer research indicates that the new tab should make it easier for customers to do the first level assessment to determine if an app requires a more in-depth privacy and security review.
  • The tab may also shorten the number of questions customers need to ask Marketplace Partners.
  • It will also give Marketplace Partners who are making significant trust investments an opportunity to showcase those investments, growing your potential cloud customer base.

How can you fill out the Privacy & Security tab for your apps?

While planning for this release, we conducted individual research sessions and focus groups with Marketplace Partners to better understand how you'd like to submit this information. Based on your feedback, we are finalizing two submission options:

  1. an API so you can streamline your submission process, and
  2. a web form UI in the "manage app" view on the Marketplace so non-technical team members can submit responses.
Privacy & Security tab web form to submit information

The API and documentation will be available in the coming weeks along with more details about the form submission option, so keep an eye out for another update.

Before the submission options are available, you can start preparing your responses to the questions detailed in our documentation here.

What will the new UI look like for customers?

In October, we published a blog detailing our approach to help customers feel confident installing apps in cloud. One aspect of this approach is a foundation of transparency and control across key customer trust themes like security, reliability and support, privacy and data management, and compliance.

The new Privacy & Security tab will serve as an important step toward increasing this foundation of transparency for our shared customers on the Marketplace.

The Privacy & Security tab will surface information that will be useful to a majority of customers. Based on customer research and privacy and security feedback, this is the essential information that customers need to determine whether a more in-depth security review is required.

You can find an expanded view of the tab on the Partner Portal and in the documentation on, but here is a high level view of the tab customers will see on cloud app listings:

cloud app privacy & security
Default view
Expanded view

When will these UI changes go into effect?

Here is a timeline of the coming months:

  • January 2023: Marketplace Partners can start preparing responses using the documented questions
  • February 2023: API documentation and a form will become available so Marketplace Partners can start submitting responses
  • March 2023: Customers will begin seeing Privacy & Security tab on cloud app listings
  • August 2023: Tab must be completely filled out for all Cloud Fortified apps

We will provide updates in the coming weeks as the API and form become available, and share more details about the customer-facing release closer to the launch date.

If you have questions, feel free to join us February 13th for a Product Team Talk Time with the Atlassian Marketplace team. You can also reach out to Marketplace Support here.

Thank you to all the Marketplace Partners who have given feedback and helped shape this feature so far, and thank you all in advance for working with us to increase transparency and trust on the Atlassian Marketplace.