Reminder: Jira Cloud apps will go live on mobile, tablet, and Mac on July 20

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Remember, Jira Cloud developers, issue glances and issue right context panel module support is now available on beta for all platforms: Jira Cloud iOS, Android, and Mac!

We’re giving you early access now to give you time to validate that your web app works as expected before we officially go live to all Jira Cloud users.

In many cases, you won't have to do anything for your app to work seamlessly! But in some cases, there might be problems:

  • Your app might not be usable if it cuts off content in smaller screens.
  • Custom-made pop-up UI and modals might not be usable for smaller screens.
  • Features that change unsupported modules (modules other than glances and right context panels) will not work altogether.

This feature will be ON by default for all Marketplace apps and all Jira Cloud users from July 20, 2020. Take the steps below to make sure your app is usable.

  • Step 1: Go here and complete the form. Include your Jira Cloud test instance URL. We’ll be in touch via email once we’ve enabled your instance. (Please allow approximately 2 business days as we are based in Sydney, Australia).
  • Step 2: Test how your app’s content appears as a glance & right context panel From testing with early adopters, there was minimal to no work for this feature. Some have made minor tweaks on the styling of the app to be mobile friendly. Some just work out of the box We outline full details here in our mobile & desktop guide.
  • Step 3: When you’re finished testing your app, let us know and we'll enable it for all your customers. We’ll enable your app to all your Jira Cloud customers and it’ll appear as a glance in Jira Cloud mobile & desktop clients for users around the globe.
Screenshot showing app in Jira on web and corresponding view on mobile

These developers have already gone through the validation process. Here’s how it worked for them:

Smart Checklist for Jira required no additional steps to make the app work!

“We didn't make any additional steps in order to enable Smart Checklist to work on mobile. We were lucky as enough as since the very first release back in 2017 – the app was designed to work on a sidebar for Server ( and Cloud/Glance view (atl.jira.view.issue.right.context).”

AtlasCRM required no additional steps, and are have some ideas for later on.

“Our experience has been quite good so far. We didn’t have to make any changes in order for this to work, but there is definitely room for improvement on our end… our components are built for a desktop experience. We should provide a different UI on mobile. Bigger buttons, larger text and no hover states.”

Issue checklist worked out of the box and made tweaks to CSS for mobile responsiveness.

“Basically almost everything worked without changes on mobile and that was a good experience from a developer perspective. The biggest effort needed was to use responsive CSS techniques to switch between one and multi-column layouts in one important screen. Other UX problems were trivial so we postponed fixing them, but Atlassian team’s suggestions were very helpful in resolving all known issues.”

BetterPDF Exporter for Jira customised their apps, targeting devices and optimising the experience.

“Jira mobile app is really handy. I use it personally while I’m very selective. Now we can also use checklist which makes it even more robust. Thank you.

We have removed the large content from the Glance, e.g. dialogs and flags. I know that you made the flag responsive since then, but in our case, it will still cover an important part of the interface.

We would need to display the flag at the bottom so it should be configurable in our case. We recognize the platform through the user-agent on the server side, send it to the client when Glance is rendered, and then disable UI elements on the client-side.”

If you experience any problems leave a post here in the community or contact us at directly.