Resolve tickets in Jira Service Desk faster with our asset management API

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What's the new asset management API?

IT teams have a lot on their plate. They have to juggle multiple tasks constantly, from troubleshooting uptime issues to supporting users with hardware problems.

Jira Service Desk offers IT teams an effective tool to deliver a great experience to their customers. In order to resolve tickets, agents often need more context. For example, when a laptop is constantly rebooting, agents want to know when it was purchased, the model number, OS version, patches applied to it, etc. In addition, they want to be able to pull up a list of previous requests tied to that device.

With Jira Cloud's new asset management API, it's now possible to store and view asset information in Jira Service Desk Cloud, letting agents and end users link assets to tickets for additional context.

Screenshot of Jira showing linked assets panel on the right-hand side of the screen.

This helps IT teams speed up issue resolution by cutting down the back and forth between agents and the end users to get the relevant information.

This API is not limited to Jira Service Desk. Jira Software and Jira Core users will also be able to view and link assets to issues from an assets custom field.

How it works

Using the asset management API, developers can push objects into the asset field in Jira Cloud. This can be done by calling:

PUT /rest/assetapi/asset
  "origin": {
    "appKey": "",
    "originId": "5-113-51143-2032"
  "label": {
    "value": "MacBook Pro 15\" 2016"

Assets which have been pushed to Jira can be retrieved by calling:

GET /rest/assetapi/asset/search?query=Macbook

These objects can then be linked to a Jira issue. The platform provides the ability to display additional information about the linked asset on an issue via an assets panel.

In addition, admins can apply filters to restrict these custom fields by type. This is helpful if you want to restrict a field to list only assets that belong to a certain asset type (e.g. only show me assets of the type "laptop").

Screenshot showing Jira admin screen with default configuration scheme for linked assets

When defining an asset, you can also specify an assignee, which we map back to Jira Service Desk end users:

PUT /rest/assetapi/asset
  "assignee": {
    "email": ""

This means end users can select assets that are assigned to them or are unassigned on the portal when raising a request:

Screenshot showing a Jira Service Desk ticket creation screen with a user's assigned assets automatically populated in the hardware field.

Get started

This API is available now, so you can start using it today to build a custom solution for your team.

Looking for a solution that has already been built using this API? We have a handful of partners with apps and integrations already listed on Atlassian Marketplace, ranging from open source asset management tools to enterprise configuration management databases.