Retiring IE11 support for Atlassian cloud, server, and Data Center products

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In 2015 Microsoft released Edge as the browser to supersede Internet Explorer (IE). Since then IE has not received major updates, or added support for many modern web standards. Microsoft recently discouraged the use of Internet Explorer as a default browser, and we've also seen a decrease in IE11 usage across our cloud, server, and data center products over time.

To allow us to continue to take advantage of modern web standards to deliver improved functionality and the best possible user experience across all of our products, we have decided to end support for IE11.

What does end of support for IE11 mean?

End of support means we will not fix bugs that are specific to IE11, and will begin to introduce features that aren’t compatible with this browser.

When is this happening?

  • For all Atlassian cloud products, support will end on 31 March 2020.
  • For Atlassian server and data center products, the last version to support IE11 will be released between September 2019 and March 2020. Subsequent versions will not support IE11. We'll provide plenty of information about this in the upgrade notes for each version. Please see our Developer Community post for more information on specific versions.
  • For Atlassian cloud, server, and data center apps such as Portfolio for Jira, Questions for Confluence, and Team Calendars for Confluence, apps will continue to support IE11 until 31 March 2020 (cloud apps), or until the last version of Jira or Confluence that supports IE11 has reached end of life (server and data center apps).

What this means for you

Your app should continue to be compatible with IE11 (i.e. no loss of functionality, critical IE11-related bugs should be fixed) until the following timeframes:

  • For apps in Atlassian cloud products: until March 31, 2020
  • For apps in Atlassian server or data center products: until the last server or data center product that supports IE11 has reached end-of-life.

We welcome any questions and feedback on our Developer community post.


The Atlassian team