Scaling Commerce at Atlassian

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We're building our team in Mountain View, California to create Atlassian's newest commerce platform. Read on to see how we're scaling to support hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide and how you can join the team that's defining the future of Atlassian's growth.

From tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of customers

Like many high growth software companies, we built our own commerce system because our business was small and our volumes at the time meant we could focus on a high-touch process with our customers.

However, over the years we’ve been playing catch up as our business has grown – with more products, new enterprise features, and growing the number of customers. What started as a simple commerce system has since expanded to managing our product and pricing catalogs, customer and entitlement management, contracts to service provisioning, quotes, invoices, payments, and much more. Needless to say, our commerce platform won’t be able to keep up at the scale that we need it to in order to deliver a seamless experience to our customers.

Delivering a frictionless experience to rule them all

At Atlassian, the customer’s buying experience is always our top priority and what underpins this experience is simplicity. Our customers should be able to try and buy our products easily and that’s only possible if we have a commerce platform that is simple and intuitive to use, yet agile enough to adapt to our growing business product and service offerings.

At the same time, we need to support our partners, and make sure that there are resources for customers who want more help. Our customers don't want to be bogged down by complex quote-to-cash processes. They want to buy, try and go. But on the back end, we need to be efficient, reliable and consistent for the business to scale effectively.

We have some of the best engineering talent in the market and we believe we can continue to support our Flywheel Sales Model – even in an increasingly larger and more complex B2B market.

"Our high-velocity distribution model is designed to drive exceptional customer scale by making affordable products available via our convenient, low-friction online channel. We focus on product quality, automated distribution and customer service in lieu of a costly traditional sales infrastructure. We rely on word-of-mouth and low-touch demand generation to drive trial, adoption and expansion of our products within customers."

Moving into the future: Delivering new rocketfuel

We are growing fast – the rocket that took off 16 years ago, hasn’t changed it’s near vertical trajectory. We have outgrown our home-grown commerce platform and need to be smart about what we build to deliver competitive advantage and propel our new, agile, scalable B2B commerce platform into orbit.

We’re transitioning to a more scalable architecture of functionally rich and specialised systems and services that include

  • Integrating Salesforce to provide a solid foundation for our future multi-channel commerce platform with best-in-class CRM, Communities, and CPQ
  • Focussing our home-grown commerce platform on product integration, billing and payments and establishing new partnerships to provide additional payment options and reduced transaction costs
  • Simplifying analytics and integration with a new single source of truth Commerce Business Domain Model to provide a real-time 360 view of our customers, their entitlements, contacts, and support needs
  • and finally, creating a new unified customer experience for our customers to manage their licenses, billing and payments

Join Us

In the same way we are expanding our eCommerce platform globally, we are also expanding our commerce team footprint to Mountain View, California.

We’re looking for Salesforce engineers, front-end engineers, business systems analysts, product managers, and integration engineers.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to…

  • be part of a business that is truly different and changing the way that teams work,
  • be part of a new team that’s truly focused on delivering an awesome multi-channel customer experience – by innovating, assembling, building, and delivering a complete self service capability and,
  • help us write the next chapter in delivering a world class B2B eCommerce Platform

…then come and join us!

As part of Atlassian, you’ll be supported by comprehensive perks and benefits, but we’ll get into all of that later. If you’re interested in joining, check out our open jobs on the team in Mountain View, California here.