Cloud instances can now be renamed, learn how this might impact your Cloud app.

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We have assembled a team here in Atlassian to make the necessary changes to enable our cloud customers to rename their site name. Currently site renames are performed via export and import of sites, which has previously caused issues for Connect apps due to duplication of records. In order to prevent those issues, we had to exclude Connect apps during the export process. As a result, a site would lose all the Connect apps during export and they have to be installed again once imported. When the site rename functionality becomes available, there will be no longer any need to perform the export and import, as a result Connect apps will not be impacted. Well, not quite, keep reading.

In order to provide this functionality in a timely manner, we have decided to leverage an existing lifecycle method, "installed", to update the installation and send a new payload with the new base URL of the site. Everything else will be the same, and the payload will be signed with the existing shared secret. This change will have an impact on your app when:

  • your app cannot process the new installed payload and update the base URL in its database.

  • your app uses the base URL as a primary key to identify a specific Jira or Confluence site. We recommend using the client key for this.

  • your app stores full urls (including base URL) (a Jira issue URL for example)

Please note that your app will not break if they necessary changes aren’t made, but it will be slower due to redirects being necessary. Please also note that your Connect app must use an HTTP client library that can handle redirects.

Feel free to ask any question you have in the developer community thread.