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AtlasCamp is Atlassian’s premier developer conference, bringing developers from all over the world. This year we’re featuring the first Atlassian Summit in Europe and AtlasCamp together. Here’s your chance to join us May 2-5, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

Share your knowledge, experience, and awesome success stories. Our call for speakers is currently open and will be closing soon on January 31, 2017. We want to see you presenting on our biggest developer stage.

This year we have four tracks we’re offering attendees:

  • Build Amazing Add-ons

  • Developer Best Practices

  • Advanced Add-on Techniques

  • Growing your Add-on Business

Need some help on what to speak about?

We’ve compiled a list of suggested topics for each track. Topics we know our attendees will want to hear about. Use these ideas to get the juices flowing, and to help you create an amazing talk proposal that you know we’ll love.

Build Amazing Add-ons

Get up-to-speed on building add-ons with Atlassian Connect and Plugins 2. Learn how to build amazing add-ons that integrate or extend Atlassian products.

Sample topics include beginner/intermediate and product specific topics:

  • Fundamentals of building an Atlassian Connect add-on

  • New ideas on how to make add-ons and services work better together

  • Unique use cases of other services integrating with Atlassian APIs

Developer Best Practices

Learn best practices from other developers to make you a better developer. What’s the right way to secure your app? How can you make your app faster? What’s the best way to architect your app to scale to handle high traffic?

Sample topics include:

  • Cloud development

  • Security

  • Performance

  • Developing for scale

Advanced Add-on Techniques

New for 2017 – Dive deep with the greatest minds in the Atlassian Ecosystem. Learn from the experiences of other ecosystem developers when developing or operating their add-ons.

Sample topics include:

  • Problems you ran into developing your add-on and how you solved it

  • How are you handling webhooks and securing them against denial of service attacks

  • What is your approach to security?

Growing your Add-on Business

New for 2017 – Guides and success stories to grow your Atlassian add-on business. Learn what it takes to optimize your marketplace listings and make your add-on stand out. Hear from customers about how add-ons change their business.

Sample topics include:

  • Optimizing your Marketplace listing

  • Marketing to DevOps teams

  • Growth Hacking

  • Developer Stories: How other Marketplace vendors grew their Atlassian business

Got an idea?

Head on over to our call for speakers page and submit a talk today.


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