Hands on developer training at Summit

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Hands-on training

Got new developers to onboard? Want a refresher course in building cloud add-ons with Atlassian Connect? Read on!

At Atlassian Summit in San Jose, we’ll be offering a half-day, hands on training on September 12, 1:30pm to 5pm, on Atlassian Connect.

Atlassian Connect is the framework that allows you to build add-ons for our cloud products. You’ll learn what you can do with Atlassian Connect, additional frameworks that make developing add-ons easier, and how you can monetize your add-ons in the Atlassian Marketplace.

This training covers:

  • An overview of what Atlassian Connect can do

  • Deep dive into setting up an add-on with the installation lifecycle

  • Learn how to extend the UI of Atlassian products

  • Learn how to call authenticated REST APIs with JWT

  • Build a sample add-on

And right now it’s only $99!

That price goes up to $199 after 11:59pm PDT on July 15. So don’t miss out!

Note: You must be registered for Summit to attend this training. It is not being offered a la carte.