Take a glance at your app in Jira mobile

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Ready to see your app in Jira Cloud for Android?

Apps are about to appear within issues in Jira Cloud for Android.

Currently, Jira for web contains app content within an issue's details, showing which apps are connected to the issue and providing it with information.

We call this feature a glance.

When a Jira issue is opened on Android, related apps will be displayed on the screen.

Users will quickly see which apps are providing information to the issue. The glance includes your app's icon, content and status.

When the user clicks on the glance, a glance panel will slide in to reveal your app's content.

Test your app as a glance!

Follow these 3 steps to test your app in Jira Cloud for Android:

1. Go here and enter your Jira Cloud test instance URL. We'll be in touch once we've enabled your instance so you can test your app.

2. Test how your app's content appears in Jira Cloud for Android, including its glance panel (if it has one).

Things to note:

  1. The ISSUE_GLANCE_OPENED event from the Javascript API will not be fired when opening the glance panel in the mobile app, so please ensure your app behaves as expected when this event isn't fired. (If your app relies heavily on the event, have a chat with us. We'll see what we can do!)
  2. Be sure to test your app's glance panel to ensure it behaves correctly in mobile.
  3. Ensure it is responsive to the mobile form factor, and features such as dialogs and flags fit the screen without obstructing anything underneath.

If you spot a problem, let us know via jira-mobile@atlassian.com with the subject line: Atlas Camp – app test.

3. When you're good to go, let us know (simply reply to the email we sent you), and we'll add your app to the whitelist. Your app will then appear as a glance in Jira Cloud for Android – for all users around the globe!

NOTE: Glances on iOS are not currently supported, but are in the pipeline.