Tip of the Week – The Atlassian AllStars tips and tricks for JIRA – Part One.

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This week we will focus on tips and tricks for JIRA Admins and power users.

Rachel Wright

We know that in JIRA, you can use the "opsbar-sequence" property to nicely order the transition buttons. Be sure to:

  • Always order the buttons in their most likely to be used order. (The most likely, "happy path" transition button should be displayed first.)

  • Instead of ordering with values like 1,2,3, use larger values, like 10,20,30. That way, if a new transition is ever needed, you can insert it into the list without having to reorder the existing transitions.

James Strangeway James Strangeway

I like to use the card colours in JIRA Software to highlight items that are about to come overdue.

I will have them turn yellow when they are a day out and then red on the last day before they are due. There are many ways to use the card colours to bring attention to items, this is just one way I have done it.

Chris Taylor Chris Taylor

Tools like Atlasboard are a great way for organizing all your teams data into a custom expandable wallboard! Implementing other great ideas from ShipIt can also help your teams.

Edson Yanaga Edson Yanaga

I really like the ability to use the JIRA REST API (I use the atlassian-provided jar) to read and manipulate JIRA. You can use it in any automation pipeline you want.

Phill Fox Phill Fox

Even if you are not using JIRA Software boards for your main development methodology, having a Kanban-style board of issues of interest to you is really useful. Mine has 3 swimlanes. Assigned to me; created by me; watched by me.

Jobin Kuruvilla Jobin Kuruvilla

Using the dot(.) and gg keyboard shortcuts, which open JIRA’s Operations and Administration search dialogs, saves an enormous amount of time for JIRA admins and users.

A big thank you to all contributors, you are awesome! Be sure to come back for part two next week!

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