Tip of the Week: To fail to plan is to plan to fail

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This week’s tip also comes to us from Wittified’s Daniel Wester, who shares his strategies for trouble-free Bamboo test plan creation.

Plan out your build plan

A build plan should be repeatable in order to help other developers (and yourself) to debug any build issues.

– Daniel Wester

Before setting your work plan in Bamboo, spend some time considering what you’d like it to do specifically. This means talking to the team to discover or set shared expectations and ensure repeatability of the plan. At Atlassian, we use Confluence frequently to discuss and diagram our build plans.

Build plans should work from the command line

if you can script the build plan on the command line it will let you easily run it locally

– Daniel Wester

Builds that work from the command line speed prototyping and testing by allowing the developer to close the loop through local testing. This speeds up the debugging process as well. While there are certain “magical” features in Bamboo, if you can give your developers functioning test scripts you can prepare them to spot their own bugs before Bamboo does.

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