Tip of the Week – Use JIRA Agile boards to visualize anything

Reading Time: < 1 minute

This week’s article is about using JIRA Agile to visualize much more then just your development workflow. As developers we are familiar with using JIRA Agile to track our tasks, bugs, stories and epics in an easy and intuitive way. We might even use it to track the tasks of several teams across the company on one big board. But did you know that you could pretty much visualize anything you wanted using JIRA Agile? Once you understand the basics of the JIRA workflow and issue types you can do amazing things like:

  • track books and articles you want to read
  • track conference sessions you want follow in real-life or watch later online
  • track certifications you want to obtain
  • manage your game collection
  • and many more…

Here are some of the crazy things we at Atlassian have done using JIRA Agile:

So what are your cool uses of JIRA Agile? Share them in the comments!