Track your campaigns: Marketing funnel insights now available

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The Atlassian Marketplace is a diverse ecosystem of vendor partners who build apps and integrations for customers to use in their Atlassian products – these vendor partners could be as small as one person doing everything, or as large as a company with hundreds of employees.

Some of them are able to find success using just the Marketplace itself, which provides the tooling and the exposure to reach hundreds of thousands of Atlassian customers from one place. Some, though, want to take it to the next level and actively market their apps outside of the Atlassian Marketplace. They might bid on Google AdWords, place ads on LinkedIn, or start their own blog to drive traffic to their listings. There are usually many touch points involved before a customer makes a decision to buy, and a marketer needs to know what’s working and what isn't.

That's why we're excited to release the marketing funnel insights feature for the Atlassian Marketplace – available now. This new feature will let vendor partners attribute evaluations of their apps directly to their marketing campaigns and track ROI. This has been a top request from the Marketplace vendor partner community, and we're happy to finally deliver on it!

Here is a quick demo video:

Before releasing this feature to the public, we conducted a closed beta with a few Marketplace vendor partners. The initial feedback from it was overwhelmingly positive:

We are able to see our campaigns coming through, which is a HUGE SUCCESS for optimizing our marketing capabilities across these apps.

This feature is accessible via the license API. The license API now contains new parameters to help you evaluate the ROI of your marketing campaigns, like this:

  "_links": {

  "licenses": [
      "addonLicenseId": "123456",
      "licenseId": "SEN-123456",
      "addonKey": "",
      "addonName": "Marketplace App",
      "hosting": "Cloud",
      "lastUpdated": "2019-10-01",
      "licenseType": "EVALUATION",
      "maintenanceStartDate": "2019-11-01",
      "maintenanceEndDate": "2022-11-01",
      "status": "active",
      "tier": "Evaluation",
      "contactDetails": {
        "company": "S.T.A.R. Labs",
        "country": "United States of America",
        "region": "Americas",
        "technicalContact": {
          "email": "",
          "name": "Barry Allen"
      "attribution": {
        "channel": "Paid Search",
        "campaignName": "Marketplace App Campaign",
        "campaignSource": "google",
        "campaignMedium": "cpc",
        "campaignContent": "Marketplace App Campaign",
        "referrerDomain": ""

What's next for marketing funnel insights?

As we look to further enhance marketing funnel insights for Marketplace, we’re working to extend funnel attribution to final purchase. Future considerations include the need for multiple attribution models, granular data on Atlassian category, and expanding marketing tech options to more than just Google Analytics. We will post on the Atlassian Developer Community as we prioritize additional updates to the Marketplace roadmap.

For more information on how marketing funnel insights works, check out our documentation on