Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) is now available for Crowd

Reading Time: < 1 minute

In Crowd Server and Data Center version 3.7, we released support for the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM). The UPM makes it possible for customers to access the Atlassian Marketplace from within Crowd, improving integration of Crowd with Atlassian’s app ecosystem.

What UPM brings to the product

  • Seamless app (plugin) management through UI:
    • Installing, enabling, disabling, and uninstalling
    • With propagation to all DC nodes
    • Without the necessity of restarting any node
  • Ease of plugin status checks:
    • One-click upgrades
    • Upgrade notifications
    • Dashboard for checking app compatibility
  • Integration with Atlassian Marketplace:
    • Built-in discovery of new apps
    • Option to install them without leaving Crowd
    • Framework for requesting apps by non-sysadmins
  • …and additional features, such as audit log of app management or product version upgrade check.

UPM in Crowd will help remove unnecessary friction around app management and improve discoverability of available Crowd features. Check out the release notes below to learn more.