Users that use Sign in with Apple may choose to not share their email address

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Atlassian is currently adding the Sign in with Apple social login option for our customers, for both login and signup in our Cloud products. This is a solution from Apple that is focused on privacy and security, with two-factor authentication being mandatory. Although this may prove to be a simpler solution for some iOS customers, it's worth highlighting that this mechanism also provides customers with an option to hide their email.

What does this mean?

This means that Atlassian will receive an email address that hides the customer’s real email address. When we send an email to this address, Apple will forward the email to the customer’s real email address. The email address that we receive will look like

What is the problem?

These emails are only for Atlassian to use, as we need to register all domains from which we might send emails. This means that Marketplace apps that have access to the customer’s email, can only use the email as an identifier, not to communicate with.

Is this going to cause a problem for you?

Come and talk to us and let us know.

More information

For more information about Sign In With Apple, please check out Apple's documentation.