Kick Your Codegeist Project Into Gear

Reading Time: 3 minutes Codegeist 2022, Atlassian’s Annual Developer Hackathon, is off to a great start! In the first four weeks, we have had 2,886 participants sign up, and we’re thrilled to see the excitement building in our community as teams bring their projects across the finish line. However, we know how hard it is to make the time to see a project to completion. You aren’t alone if you haven’t been able to finish — or aren’t sure how you’ll find the time to fully build out your project.  

Jira has Capabilities

Reading Time: < 1 minute You can use the Jira Capabilities rest endpoint in Jira to check whether the new and improved Createmeta REST endpoint is available.

Using Forge to Build Insights into your Team

Reading Time: 12 minutes Forge provides some really convenient features for developing apps that will allow you build greater insights into your organization’s behaviour. This blog summarizes an approach taken to understand details about how decisions are made at Atlassian and a similar approach can be followed for other types of information. Within the post, I point out certain aspects of my Forge development experience, noting areas of delight plus those needing improvement. I expect the latter to become out of date quickly as Forge is still in the early stages of development.